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03-23-2005, 10:51 PM
Hi all,
Im putting this up now, but will be gone for easter weekend so I wont be able to reply until monday. Im just clearing out some space so here is everything with prices. Feel free to make offers. If you combine a lot of items I will make you a good deal, since im just trying to clear this stuff out. Thanks

GREEN HOLOGRAM CARDS all are c7.5 to c8.5 MOC
Bespin Han $2
Admiral Ackabar $2
ASP-7 Droid $2
Tusken Raider $2
Princess Leia $2

Mon Motha X2 c6 $2
Ugnaughts c6.5 $4

EPISODE 1 LOOSE FIGURES (all come with comtech and accessories) All are $1.00
Boss Nass
Darth Maul-Saber Broken
Qui Gon w/no robe
Qui Gon w/robe
Padme Tatooine
Padme Hanger
Mace Windu
Jar Jar
Darth Sidious
Nute Gungray
Senetor Palpatine
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Sidious MOC c7.5 $2
Deluxe Darth Maul MOC c6.5 $4

Maul $1

Yoda $2
Count Dooku $2
Jango Fett $2
Clonetrooper $2

Theed Hanger Playset in Box (Box is c6) $10
KFC Naboo Fighter in box $3
KFC Swimming Jar Jar in box $3
Darth Maul Electronic Lollypop on card (card c5) $1
Action Fleet Gian Speeder + Theed Hanger in box (box c6) $7
Complete Galaxy Loose Dagobah X2 with stands $5 each
Complete Galaxy Loose Death Star with stands $5
Gunner Stations Luke and Han, no missles $6 for both
Escape the Death Star Figure Game MIB $10 (heavy shipping will be higher)
Young Jedi cards, set, only missing 1-5-109 $6
AMT ERTL Luke Skywalker Model $7

if your interested in anything let me know, thanks