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03-04-2005, 01:20 AM
I have a whole lot of Micro Machines that I am trying to sell. Please have a browse though my list and either Emial or PM me if interested.

Micro Machines
(All loose complete and mint, unless noted)
Action Fleet Slave 1
Action Fleet Jawa Sandcrawler
Action Fleet TIE Fighter *Pending
Action Fleet Rancor *Pending
Action Fleet AT-AT
Battle Pack #1 Rebel Alliance
Battle Pack #2 Galatic Empire
Battle Pack #3 Aliens and Creatures
Battle Pack #4 Galatic Hunters
Battle Pack #5 Shadows of the Empire (Paint chipping on Prince Xzior)
Battle Pack #6 Dune Sea
Battle Pack #7 Droid Escape
Battle Pack #8 Desert Palace (Missing Leia Boussh)
Battle Pack #10 Mos Eisley Spaceport (Paint Chipping on Obi-Wan's face)
Battle Pack #11 Cantina Encounter
Sneak Preview Episode 1 Theed Playset

Royal Guard / Death Star (Paint chipping on the Guards visor)
Darth Vader / Bespin
Chewbacca / Endor
R2-D2 / Jabba's Palace
C-3PO / Mos Eisley Cantina
Boba Fett / Cloud City
Double Takes Death Star / Tatioone
Mini Head playsets set of 13 (includes Nien Numb, Boba Fett, Tuskan Raider, Ackbar, Bith, Scout Trooper, Jawa, Boushh, Greedo, Bib Fortuna, Yoda, G.Guard and the exclusive Darth Vader.)
Dagobah Enviroment playset

figure packs
Random Ship bagged lot
Random Character bagged lot

Shipping is not included in the prices and will be extra. I will accept resonable offers, if you buy in bulk I will give a discount.

Thanks for looking.

03-04-2005, 02:06 AM
you have PM

03-06-2005, 12:36 AM