View Full Version : Star Trek Collection for sale/trade for Star Wars

02-20-2005, 05:13 PM
I am looking for a buyer to sell my entire collection
of Playmates Star Trek action figures (both 5" and
9"), vehicles, and accessories to. The collection
(currently filling 16 22-gallon plastic totes) is
extensive, featuring toys from the following lines:

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
All Star Trek Movies including Generations, First
Contact, Insurrection, and Classic Movies
Plus a variety from other Star Trek lines.

This collection features several hard-to-find
variations, exclusive, short-packed, and mail-away
items including (but not limited to):

Tapestry Picard (1701 only made)
Lt. Tasha Yar (1701 only made)
Lt. Barclay (3000 only made)
Data from "Redemption"
Short-run Esoqq
Short-run Gowron
Lt. Thomas Riker (U.S. Version)
Mail-Away Video Game Sisko (still sealed in baggie)
Star Trek Generations Enterprise B MIB
Star Trek Generations Bird of Prey MIB
Star Trek Next Generation Bridge Playset MIB
Star Trek Next Generation Gold Enterprise (TRU
Exclusive) MIB
and countless others rare and valuable pieces, plus
several more common figures and pieces.

This collection is all MOC, MIB, or MISB, all items
are C-8 or better. They have been displayed out of
direct sunlight, out of humidity, in a smoke-free
home, and have spent most of the time in rubber-made
plastic totes.

I am looking to sell the collection ONLY as a set at
this time. If I am unable to move the entire
collection as a whole, I will entertain breaking up
the set at a later date.

Since this collection contains approximately 350 +/-
pieces, I will send a complete list of what I have to
anyone interested that replies to this email by U.S.
mail, fax, or email (Email attachment would be Excel
file using Office 2000) at my expense.

I do not have a set price in mind, so price is
negotiable. I will also consider trades for ToyBiz
Lord of the Rings items and/or Kenner Star Wars
(modern, not 'vintage') in part or full. My "need
list" is also available upon request.

Please contact me with further questions/comments at
patman471@yahoo.com to discuss it. Thank you for your
time and consideration.