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02-15-2005, 11:23 PM
Updated list. Reduced Prices.... Just need to make room!.... i have a bunch i dont have listed yet, so keep looking back.

2 for $5 sale plus more. I have mutiples of many (some of them i have alot of mutiples of- just ask) PLEASE READ -Most are momc, although SOME may have shelf
Here we go:

Orange card
OC Lando
OC Chewie
OC Han Hoth closed hand
OC han card wear.

Green card
Leia Slave - holo
Gardinian holo
GC Emperor .00
GC Emperor .01
GC Ponda Baba -wear
GC Tarkin
GG Sandtroop
GC han Endor blue
GC Ev9d9 wear
GC Hoth Rebel
GC 21B wear
GC Weequay

Freeze Frames -
Slave Leia
Lando General
Leia Endor
Han Bespin
FF Pruceface
FF Mon mothma
FF Lobot
FF Leia Hoth wear on card
FF Lando Skiff edge wear



Episode 1-
Yoda - no epi 1
Maul Jedi Duel
Maul Sith Lord
Obi wan Jedi duel
Obi Wan Naboo
Qui Gon Naboo
Qui Gon Jedi Duel
Jar Jar
Anakin Tatooine
Boss Nass
sith accessory pack
Naboo accessory pack
Tatooine accessory pack

Clone Wars
Anakin Skywalker

Other carded figures (priced accordingly)
OC Leia (original)$6
OC Stormtrooper $6
OC Luke Tatooine LS $10
OC R2 $6
OC R5D4 $10
OC Vader SS $7
OC Tie Fighter pilot printed warning $6
OC Ben LS half Pic $19
OC Jawa $6 wear
SOTE Leia $4 wear
SOTE Chewie $7
GC Lando Skiff $5
GC At St Driver $5
GC Luke Troop $5
GC Snowtroop $6
GC Emperors royal G $6
GC Leia Boussh $5 light wear
GC R5D4 sticker warning bent $5
FF Chewie $4 - Lot of 5 $18
FF Endor Rebel Soldier $3
FF Leia Blastershield $4 - Lot of 5 $18
FF Luke Bespin $4 - Lot of 5 $18
FF Luke Blastershield $5 - Lot of 5 $22
FF C3P0 $4.5
FF R2 $4 - Lot of 5 $18
FF stormtrooper (shelf wear) $8
FF Vader Removable helmet $11 edge wear
FF Tarkin (bent corner) $6.5
FF Leia Hoth $10 MINT
FF Death Star Droid $10
FF AT AT Driver $10
FF Pote $11
FF Wuher .0000 $20
FF Wuher .0100 $18
FF Wuher .0100 bubble dent $16
FF Ackbar $5
FF Lando Gen .00 error $5 light wear
FF Luke StormTroop $8
FF Rebel Fleet Troop $7
FF stormtroop $10
FF Vader - dented bubble $9
FF Luke Bespin Error $9
FF Han Endor Error $8
FF Hoth Rebel Soldier Error $8
FF Han Carbo Error edge wear $4
FF Ishi Tibb dented bubble $14
FF Ben $9
Commtech Stormtrooper $6 - Lot of 5 $28
Deluxe Snowtrooper $4
Deluxe Fett $5
Deluxe Stormtrooper $5
Deluxe Gunner Vader $4
POTJ Qui Gon Mos Espa $3
POTJ Obi Wan $4
POTJ Boss Nass $5
POTj Vader Dago $8
POTJ Jek Porkins $5
POTJ Han Bespin $5
POTJ Anakin mechanic $3
POTJ Battle Droid Boomer $6
POTJ Maul $3
POTJ Fode and Beed $7
POTJ Jar Jar $7
POTJ Tuskin Raider $7
POTJ Mon Calimari $6
POTJ Chewie Mech $8
POTJ Leia bespin escape $8
POTJ Tessek $7
Sith Speeder with maul (3 inch) $5
Luke Tauntaun 3inch $16

Loose 12inch Han Hoth (from Han Taun pack)$10
Loose 12 inch At AT driver $13
Loose 12 inch Snowtrooper $13
Loose 12 inch Ben Electronic (from jcpenny exclusive 2 pack ) $12
Loose 12 inch Vader (from jcpenny exclusive 2 pack)$12
13 Unopened packs of CCG hoth expansion $13
Gold Yoda pepsi redemption can (empty but sealed) - has a light dents $14
Sealed Storm Cans (limited area availability). Jar Jar or Qui Gon $2
12inch Maul/Speeder $30
12inch Ben/vader electronic $22
12inch Luke Trooper $22
12inch Maul Electronic $10
12inch Barquin Dan (beat up box) $12
12inch Leia on Speederbike (target exclusive) $30 slight shelf wear
12inch Han Endor $27

Lego Xwing / Degobah blue or black box $27

Vintage ROTJ Loose Sy Snoodles. c-9 $10
Carded ROTJ R5D4 - c-8 pop missing $30 - displays great

shipping not included. Please email me direct at planbproductions@excite.com