View Full Version : otc rated u85 for trade or sale

01-28-2005, 12:00 PM
hello everybody
i'am the newbie,hope'in some of ya might be intrested in some of my doubles ,i'am not sure how to get pic's up but will soon i'am ask'in 40.00. some a little more. canadian funds for them most wave 1
here's a list of a few
u85 scout trooper #11, 40.00 cad
u85 bobafett #14, 50.00 cad
u85 darth vader #10 ,50.00 cad
u85 ben kanobi #15, 40.00 cad
u85 luke deg. #01, 40.00
u85 r2-d2 deg. #04, 40.00
u85 tuskin raider #23, 40.00
u85 snow trooper, #25, 45.00
i'am open to trade..... for vintage star wars?
thanx brian
if anybody know's how to get pic's up lmk..?
thanx bri cnairb2@msn.com
if anyone would like to see my trading list cheq "cnairb"
should get ya their?or my ebay feedback @cnairb101