View Full Version : Upping the ante!!! Vintage ships to trade!!

12-08-2004, 10:25 PM
Help! I need a few hard to find Star Wars and a LOT of Lord of the Rings. I need them carded on U.S. cards only, C-8.5+. I will trade for them or I will buy for reasonable prices. (I will also work out a "finders fee" for anyone that can direct me to a good source of affordable Toybiz Lord of the Rings figures too!)

AND I'M UPPING THE ANTE! I have a loose, complete vintage Shuttle and AT-AT FOR TRADE ONLY for what I need! That's how desperate I am becoming!!

List is extensive so please email me at patman471@yahoo.com for my need list and if there is anything you need in trade! Thanks for reading this!