View Full Version : Star Wars Episode 1 Figures for SALE

11-27-2004, 03:47 AM
Ok this is for a set of SW epi 1 figures. The first wave
No one seems to want them around my area so I came to the best place where all the SW fans are, and mybe someone is looking for the set.

8 figures plus 4 varients.
Qui gon,
Obi Wan.
Jar Jar
Queen Amidala, Battle outfit
Battle droid
Darth Maul

The 4 varients
Darth Maul Hooded
Obi Wan, cloak
Qui gon, cloak
Queen Amidala, Coursent

All are in there original cards, figures are in mint, in near-mint condition cards.
E-mail me if your interesed.