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11-25-2004, 12:33 PM
Prices do not include shipping

CC exclusive .45 AFBB Obi Wan Kenobi saber MIMB (item has been opened - was displayed inside Jedi case for 2 months until I got the Walmart weathered version) 38.00

OTC 38 Imperial Trooper (Scanning Trooper) MOMC x1 PENDING
Jedi Council II Screen Scene MIMB 10.00

Revenge of the Sith Starwarsshop.com T-Shirt (Never Worn) XXL 15.00

Silver Vader 2004 MOMC x2 7.00 a piece
Red Trim Clone Trooper Unleashed (MOC but an opener) 13.00

LEGO TIE Bomber MIMB 20.00

Target Slave Leia Cup Set x2 MIMB 9.00 a piece

Heritage Yoda Sketch Card by Paul O'neil - full body profile with dialogue "I sense much fear in you" MINT 70.00 - can provide pictures

Marvel Legends Phoenix MIMCS 25.00
Marvel Legends Deadpool MIMCS 20.00
Marvel Legends Juggernaut MIMCS 10.00
or All 3 for 50.00

McFarlane 12" Alien 20.00 (loose, mint, complete - can provide box if necessary)
McFarlane 12" Predator 20.00 (loose, mint, complete - can provide box if necessary)



SmokeScreen 10.00 Loose, Mint, Complete
Side Swipe 10.00 Loose, Mint, Complete

25th Anniversary Optimus Prime 40.00 (Loose, but mint, complete and I have original box)

Willing to sell the entire lot of Transformers for 50 bucks.

I am also willing to trade. I need the following items -

Marvel Legends Giant Man and Toad (loose is fine)
Palisades Muppets Zoot (loose is fine)
Palisades Muppets Backstage Playset
Palisades Army of Darkness figures
Playskool Jedi Force Darth Vader

Cantina Wave of Transitional figs (also Yarua and Pablo Jill)

GG Han Solo in Stormie disguise bust (when its released of course)

Force F/X ESB Luke lightsaber

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