View Full Version : Sale List - VOTC 3PO, OTC 38, GG Stormie, etc.

11-23-2004, 08:24 AM
VOTC C3PO MIMCS x2 11.99 a piece
OTC 38 Imperial Trooper (Scanning Trooper) MOMC x2 (also a third thats a C8 - possibly an opener) 1 MOMC PENDING 6.00 for MOMC 5.00 for C8
Ephant Mon MOMC 10.00
Jedi Council II Screen Scene MIMB 12.00

Gentle Giant Stormtrooper Deluxe Bust 45.00 (or 50 for the bust and a MOMC 2004 Silver Vader)

Revenge of the Sith Starwarsshop.com T-Shirt (Never Worn) XXL 15.00

Prices do not include shipping.
Silver Vader 2004 MOMC x2 8.00 a piece
Red Trim Clone Trooper Unleashed (MOC but an opener) 14.00

LEGO TIE Bomber MIMB 20.00

Target Slave Leia Cup Set x2 MIMB 9.00 a piece

Heritage Yoda Sketch Card by Paul O'neil - full body profile with dialogue "I sense much fear in you" MINT 80.00 - can provide pictures

Marvel Legends Phoenix MIMCS

McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Tom Seaver Variant in Red Sox uni MIMCS 10.00