View Full Version : FS: Medicom Star Wars Kubrick Series 2

11-22-2004, 08:20 AM
Hi, I have 2 sets of Medicom Star Wars Kubrick series 2 for sale. Each set comprises of 8 figures; Han Solo (MISB), Sandtrooper orange shoulder pad (MISB), Chase Sandtrooper white shoulder pad (MIB), Cantina Band Member H.K (MIB), Cantina Band Member Jap (MIB), Greedo (MISB), Tusken Raider (MISB) & Ben Kenobi (MISB). Each set is $80.00 & I will throw in a free Boba Fett (MIB) from series 1. Shipping anywhere in the world is $10.00 flat. Please e-mail me at justiceman888@yahoo.com.sg if interested. Thanks!