View Full Version : 12" For Sale (LOOSE COMPLETE)

11-21-2004, 10:50 AM
These are loose complete (to the best of my knowledge as some of them I've purchased loose...). Also, shipping is extra:

Stormtrooper $10
Electronic Emperor $10
Tarkin with Interrogation Droid $9
Super Battle Droid $9
Battle Droid $9
Maul (from Sith Lords I think) $9
Dooku $7
Imperial Officer $10
Death Star Trooper $10
Snowtrooper $10
Zam Wessell $7

Other Haves:
Vader (Imperial 4-Pack) arm swap $1
Tusken Raider (Saga) [no Massiff, has Gaderfii Stick] $2
Zutton [no cup] $2
Yoda (SAGA from with Chian) saber - customized "split" legs for articulation $1
Twiki (Buck Rogers) ["bidee-bidee-bidee"] $2

Things I'd take in trade:
Death Star Droid (POTF2) any condition
Gonk Droid (POTF2)
Interrogation Droids (both small from CT Vader and large from DS Access Kit)
FX Fig Bases: Vader, Luke, Emperor
Any figure accessory such as cases, control panels, gizmos and other hardware.
Any ARC Trooper pauldrons or Sandtrooper pauldrons for 3.75" figs
Imperial helmets, guns, accessories
Any military model kits especially tanks