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11-05-2004, 03:32 PM
hello everybody,
well i need to get rid of all these carded figures!
my wife is due in december and need some extra cash and extra room!
so if anybody out there is intersted,please be free to pm

willing to sell by lot!make me offer!

hallmark figurines:...$5.00 for all 6x hallmark(pic can be provided)
3x cantina band members set..complete(loose)nm/mint
3x ewoke figure set..complete(loose)nm/mint

300th boba fett:..loose..complete..nm/mint..$2.50

carded figures:some have very minor wear,a few carded figures have very,very tiny small creases,or very,very small dent on corner,as for the bubble for each card,there are no dents or discolored on the card,they are well taken care-off,they were used for display only!

starwars carded figures:
LOT# 1
Starwars TPOTF(GeenCarded) LOT#1
Denger(Hologram sticker).00..$1.75
Bib Fortuna(Hologram sticker).01..$1.75
Admiral Ackabar(Hologram sticker).00..$1.75
Saelt-Marae(Hologram sticker).00..$1.75
Gamorrean Guard(Hologram sticker).00..$1.75
SnowTrooper(Hologram sticker).00..$1.75
Ponda Baba.01(black beared)..$1.75
momaw nadon(HammerHead).01..$1.75
Malakili(Rancor Keeper).00..$1.75
Luke..01(Sormtrooper Outfit)..$1.75

Starwars POTJ (FileCard):c9..Lot#2..
2x K-3po..$3.00
Ellorrs Madak.04..$2.50
Mon Calamari.04..$3.00
Bespin Guard.04..$2.50
Aurra Sing..03..$3.50

Starwars Freeze Frame:c9....Lot#3..
Bespin Luke Skywalker.01..$2.50
Lando(Skiff Guard).01..$2.50
Lak Sivrak.00..$2.50
Prune Face.00..$2.50
Darth Vader(removable helmet).00..$5.00
Lando General.01..$2.50
Princess Leia.02(ewok outfit)..2.00
Solo In Carbonite.05..$2.50

Starwars POTJ(CommTech)..c9..LOT#4
Darth Vader.00..$3.00
Hand Solo.00..$3.00

cinema scene:
jabbas skiff guards(sealed)...$5.00
cantina aliens(box opened)..$3.50
jabbas dancers(sealed)..$5.00
cantina at mos e.3d diplay diorama(sealed)..$4.50

feedback can be provided:
from several site forums:

selling my vintage starwars figures,so check it out on vintage classifieds:
buyer pays shipping
thnxs for viewing!

11-05-2004, 03:34 PM
p.s also have starwars legos for sale:

1xluke..tatooine...still white..$2.00
1xluke outfit pilot..$2.00
2x imperial officer(gray uniform)..$1.50
1x r2d2 with a r5-d4 (head)..$1.00
1x battle droid with backpack..$1.00
2x battle droids...$1.50 each-the ones turn into a tire and roll they also produce a shield around them,they came out in ep1 at the beginning of the move!..HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHICH ONES IM TALKING ABOUT!
1x solo carbonite...50cents
3x ls..red,blue,green color ..30cents
1x zam wessel glasses..30cents
2x mini-lego at-st..complete..1.25 each

nba legos minifigures.... $1.25 for all 3x minifigures
tracy mcgrady,chris webber and allan houston

buyer pays shipping!

11-05-2004, 04:07 PM
sent you a PM!