View Full Version : Millennium Minted Coined TRU Exclusive Figs FS

10-30-2004, 08:42 AM
The set is Pending

I have a full set (7 figs) of the Millennium minted TRU exclusive figs for sale. They are all MIP. The boxes are near mint to mint. A lil shelf wear here and there. All figs are .00 I am asking 35 for the set. The figures are:
Luke in endor gear - back has error pic of a snowtrooper for picture where han coin should be
3po - same error as on luke fig
emperor - same error as on luke
leia in endor gear - same error as on luke
bespin han solo

Buyer is to pay all shipping costs. I will need your zip code so I can get you a shipping price. Thanks and have a great day.