View Full Version : classic starwars legos minifigures 4 sale.must go

09-11-2004, 12:53 PM
hello everybody,
im getting out of legos and im posting them for sale,so anybody intersted please be free to pm me!!!please dont email me,due to my emails are not working!!!


8x sandppl with 7x rifles..asking $5.50 for everything
8x stormtroopers with 8x blasters..asking $16.00 for everything
4x imperial officers(gray uniform version)..asking $2.00 for everything
2x gamorrean guards with 2x axes..asking $3.00 for everything
1x chewbacca's with 1x crossbow...$2.00 for everything
1x boba fett with blaster...$1.50 for everything
2x paploo with 2x bow/arrow..$2.50 for everything
2x wicket with 1x bow/arrow..$2.50 for everything
1x solo frozen carbonite...60cents
2x r2d2..$2.00 for everthing/1.15 each
2x c3po..$2.00 for everything/1.15 each
1x skyhopper pilot(outfit)..asking $4.00
1x luke pilot(outfit)..asking $4.00
1x biggs darklighter(outift)..asking $4.00
1x dak ratler(outfit)..asking $4.00
1x han solo with blaster(brown pants)..asking $2.25
1x yoda with saber..asking ...$2.00
1x greedo with blaster..asking $2.50
1x r2d2 body and legs with r5 head on it...asking $1.00
1x obi-wan kenobi with saber..asking $2.50
1x darth vader with cape with saber...asking $3.00
1x emperor with black hands with cape..asking $2.00
1x princess leia (1st version from m.falcon)...asking $25.00
1x luke jedi hooded version with cape with saber...asking $2.00
1x jedi night luke with painted hand with saber..asking $1.15
1x bib fortuna with cape..asking $1.50
1x luke tattoine...asking $2.50
2x battle droid commander...asking $2.00 for everything/$1.00 each
1x battle droid red security....asking $1.00
1x battle droid with backpack....asking $1.00
2x droids(ones that produce energy shild to protect them)....asking $2.25 for everything

3x speeder bikes(belong to b.scouts)complete with 5x biker scouts with 5 blasters.asking $9.00
1x slave1 boba fett ship(complete)..1x boba fett with 1x solo frozen carbonite..asking $10.00
1x twin-pod cloud car(compete) with 1x lobot...asking $4.50
1x at-st (complete) with 1x chewy..asking $9.00
2x dewback..one dewback is missing only 1x backpack and other is complete..asking $5.50 for everything

filecards:asking 35cents each
2xbiker scout
1x darth maul
1x han solo
1x battle droid
1x boba fett
1x luke skywalker
1x battle command officer
1x chewy
1x darth maul

thnxs for viewing