View Full Version : Gauging Interest in collection

09-05-2004, 05:05 PM
Hey guys.

I've been a Star Wars collector for a while now, but I've grown away from it because of other intrests, college, etc. Anyway, basically all I ever collected was POTF2 stuff, which I have a good bit of(what i consider a good bit) and some Episode 1 figures. I'm pretty much wanting to sell the whole collection, piece by piece or the whole lot. But before i even begin listing it i just wanted to see if there was any interest at all in it. I know many people just collect vintage stuff or the brand new stuff.

So, heres a short summed up list of what i have:

Most all of the POTF2 vehicles. all of which are loose but complete. the majority of the POTF2 figures loose and complete. Some of the rarer ones i have the carded first issues in protective cases, like the 4 set of hong knog figures, a long saber vader, and some other stuff i can't locate right now. I've got the queens royal starship(that huge silver thing) and some loose Ep 1 figures along with some carded ones as well (first issue yoda and anikan are all i remeber right now. I also have some of those cenima scene three packs(cantiana showdown, jedia spirits, the 3d cardboard cantina in the box.

Thats a summed up list of course, theres a lot of stuff im forgetting and still have to dig out. If theres some interest I'll go ahead and list it all with prices. I've also got some cardboard life size cutouts from pepsi durin the ep 1 promotions and some other random starwars junk. I just need to see if theres intrest in it.

I kinda feel bad for selling it, but I've come to realize that its goin to be a really long time if not never before i get a chance to get back into collecting (star wars or anything for that matter) Right now i really need money for college and im sure theres lots of people who can enjoy all this stuff more than i am.

PM me, post replies, email me, whatever. If theres at least a little intrest I'll put up the whole collection for sale.

Thanks for the time