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08-30-2004, 09:49 PM
Here is a list of things I have for sale. If you are interested, please e-mail me at roguebludger@flash.net. Prices are firm and do not include shipping Serious inquies only please.

NMC= Non Mint card for the opener MOMC= for the carded collector

Carded Figures

Preview Clone $4 NMC
Saga Red Battle droid $4 NMC
Boomer damage battle Droid $5 NMC
POTJ Shmi $4 NMC
POTJ Sebulba MOMC $5
R2 Holo Leia MOMC $5

Carded Deluxe/Ultra

Ultra Jabba $6 NMC
Ultra Ewok NMC $6
Ultra Rieekan NMC $5
Ultra wampa $7 NMC
Slave Leia w/Barge cannon $5 NMC
Death Star Accessory set w/DS Trooper $6

Loose Figures and Pack-ins

Two Headed Podrace announcer from Jabba Beast pack $7
Anakin Pilot from Electronic Game $5
Wedge from Rebel Pilots $6
Chewie from TRU Hoth Pack $4

Saga Blue Coat Han Hoth $3
POTF2 Adm Piett, no Baton $3
POTF2 Zuckuss, missing one gun $4
POTF2 4-LOM $4
Saga preview R3-T7 droid only $2
Red Battle Droid from Accessory pack $3

EU Dark Luke $6
EU Dark Leia $6
EU Clone Emporer, missing original saber, $5

Cinema /Screen scenes NMC

Jedi High Council (original first two sets) $21 for pair (NMC)
Jabba's dancers $8 NMC

POTF2 Snowspeeder- with box, only opened to inspect contents $12
Flash Speeder- Loose, very slight wear $5
Target Excl. Green a-wing $12 NMC


Snowspeeder, NMC $8
Green A-Wing, in near mint box $9
Loose Blockade Runner, no figs $6
Loose T-16, no Biggs $6
Loose rancor, no stand or figs $5
DV Tie Flight controller version in box $5
Battle Pack #2 AT-ST NMC $3

E-mail if interested! roguebludger@flash.net

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09-01-2004, 07:47 AM
Do you still have the green A-wing. PLease LMK. Thanks

09-01-2004, 10:31 PM
Green a-wing is still available!
PM sent