View Full Version : WTB ACTION FLEET, MicroMachines & some action figs

08-11-2004, 02:18 AM
I would need the following loose/complete items:

Action Fleet ships/vehicles :

<font color="blue"> Alpha B-Wing
Alpha Y-Wing
Alpha Cloud Car
Alpha Droid Fighter
Marc Guo's Podracer
Predator Ship
Action Fleet playsets :

Generator Core Duel miniscene (TPM)

MicroMachines playsets :

<font color="blue"> Theed Palace Assault (TPM)
Tatooine Desert (TPM)
Galactic Senate (TPM)
some head playsets </font>

Need also the following loose/complete action figures:

<font color="blue"> ARC Trooper Red
Asajj Ventress
Clone Trooper Army
Green Clone
Blue Clone
Yellow Clone
Imperial R2-Q5 unit
Imperial Officer
Scout Trooper
Death Star Trooper
AT-AT Driver
AT-ST Driver
Imperial Guard
Leia Slave
Rebel with Cannon
Obi Wan Jedi Knight
Boba Fett
Admiral Ackbar
Barriss Offee
Ki Adi Mundi
Security Battle Droid
Spider Droid
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Kyle Katarn

I can pay USD $ for them or we can make a deal of some kind.

For <font color="orange"> MY HAVES </font> please send me a private message.


08-26-2004, 12:26 AM
edit and bump (found the Royal Starship and Droid Control Ship)