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07-02-2004, 11:31 AM
Vacation coming up and my closet is full of stuff I don;t want anymore...all sorts of things...I will negotiate, especially on large lot sof items.
4"-12"-ships-Micromachines-much miscellaneous and many smaller & strange Fett, Yoda, Vader, Maul items...from my old character focus. Price slisted ar enegotiable and I will consider trades...(for OTC figs, loose Euro pit droid pack ins, Star Tours (loose), Carded Death Star Clash Vader (all versions) Carded blue jump suit Boba Fett, Gentle Giant Vader bust...loose vintage and accesories: email for complete needs)

darth_schneider67 @ Yahoo.com

3 ¾” Figs
Bar2-D2 Moc-$5
FB Vader (minor stress on back) $3
Silver clone (minor bubble ding) -$5
Silver clone (bad corner) -$5
Jango Kamino with background (stress on back) $2
Jango Final battle (min bubble ding) $2
Preview Jango (moc) $2

Vehicles/playsets (loose most w.box)
Slave 1 (ESB -$8 and AoTC -$10)
Zam’s Speeder -$4
CD-Rom Game base (no Han) -$4
Naboo Hanger (no figs) -$5
Naboo Power core playset (no fig) -$5
Falcon Case (no fig) $3
R2 Case (no fig) $3
Action Fleet: Loose
Vader Set: Large Cockpit, regular cockpit, Battle
damaged (not Saga, good one from Death Star set) $12
12” POTF2-Saga (loose with box)
Vader (flip box) -$7
Electronic Vader (from Obi 2 pk-no box) -$7
Masters of the Dark Side 2 pk (Rem Helmet Vader/Split
part Maul) -$20
Maul E1 (loose -$5, MiB-$12)
Elec Maul-$5
Maul Speeder-$15
Yoda (ESB) -$10
Bossk -$8
Zam Wessel-$5
Interactive Yoda with lightsaber loose w/box-$12
Epic Force, loose:
Vader $4
Fett $4
Maul $4
6” Maul Speeder bank -$1
Cinema Scene Final Duel Vader -$2

Stormtrooper ($7)
Rebo Band (3pc) ($9)
Amidala ($7)
Vader TIE ($10)
Bongo ($8)
Qui-Gon ($7)
Naboo Fighter ($9)
Maul ($7)
Obi-wan (OT) ($7)
Jedi Council (3pc) ($9)
R2-C3PO ($7)
Topps Galaxy 2 set plus promo P6 Fett -$3
Topps Finest promo SWGM1-Blue Cloud cars -.25
Tapps AOTC Promos (P1,2,3,4,6) -$5
Decipher promo Young Jedi box set -.50
Topps Wide P3 Vader TIE -.25
Joe Corroney Maul Pencil and ink sketch on card sized
paper (2 1/2” x3 1/2”), original art drawn and signed
by artist -$15
Dagobah almost complete, boxed (no UPC) with
(missing R2 Pin, replaced swamp) -$20
Die Cast Slave 1 -$10
Film Cel ESB Lightsaber Duel #824 Luke loosing hand

Jabba Beanie -$2

E1 Cup toppers Yoda, Maul ($1)
Action Masters loose (Vader (2 poses) Fett ($6)
Pez: Yoda, Boba, Jango, Vader (2) ($3)
Vader and Fett Palm Talkers (loose) ($6 ea)
Vintage Yoda “8 ball” -$5
Vintage erasers (Yoda, Vader, R2) -$2
TIE Dangler -free
3” hollow plastic busts: Maul, Vader $1
1” busts Vader, Yoda, Maul $1
1 ½” Vader Vintage candy dispenser bust .25
2” vader promos same sculpt, different bases, moving
head one has moving arm (in sealed bag with Spanish
writing) -. 50
MIP Vader Yoyo (95) $2
Loose Yoda Bendem -$1
2002 Sith bookmarks (2 dif) Free
Food Promos:
E1 Yoda “8 ball” -$1
Balancing Fett-$1
Maul Zip speeder-$1
Yoda Statuette-$1
SE cube with pics .50
SE cube ½ Vader/1/2 Yoda .50
Vader saber pen .50
3d Frito pieces 10-12 dif, (all 4 yoda, misc) .50 all
Canadian Rubiks: R2/3PO, Sid/Dooku, Jango/Clone,
Anakin/Vader $12

Micromachines (will deal for whole lot)
All Transforming heads, most ships, misc figs etc)
Single Micromachines $1
Scout Walker x 2
TIE Bomber x 2
Cloud Car x 2
Red leader (wings closed)
2 Red 2’s Wings closed
Red 5 Wings open
Death Star 2
Lars Speeder
Star Destroyer
TIE Interceptor
Jabba Sail Barge
Speeder bike w/Luke
Sand Crawler
Probe Droid
Damaged X-wing
Damaged Y-wing
Damaged TIE
TIE Fighter x 2
Imperial Shuttle x 2
Scout trooper on Speeder Bike
Executor Super Star Destoyer

flash speeder
Trade Federation Tank,
Anakin’s Pod
Sebulba’s Pod
E1 minifigs: Sio, Nute, ani (2 poses) , Nass, Sebulba
the following are loose/complete (set $45 of 9)
Transforming sets w/box:
Hoth Luke
Royal Guard
TF pilot
-Loose w/o box
set of first 9 minheads +extras ($5)
TF playsets loose no box ($14 set)
Jabbas Palace/Sarlacc
*Death Star
loose w/box
Luke Binocs
Vader Saber
EU book sets w box $8 set
Heir to the Empire
Jedi Search
Truce at Bakura
SOTE set (3 packs)
Starlog Star wars Tech journals (Rebel, Imperial,
Tatooine) $3 set
Mag type books with fold out blue prints and
background info
Older Essential guides: weapons, droids and vehicles
$3 set
Dark Empire #1-5, #4 signed by Dorman, extra bonus #1
also signed (2 #1’s &2-5, with 1 #1, and #4 signed by
Dave Dorman) $15 set
DE1 & DE2 TPB DE I non mint back cover -$6 set
SOTE comic set (#1-6) $10
Classic SW TPB V1 -$3
D/K Inside worlds of E1 -$2
D/K OT visual Dictionary -$2
Off topic:
Comics: ($3 all)
Superman adventures #1 (animated series)
Batman: The Last angel TPB
Superman: The Wedding Album (both covers)
Full Loose Set of Matrix Original figs w/ all
variations (sell as set) -$60
Bullet Time Neo
Trinity Trenchcoat
Trinity no glasses
Trinity in air
Agent Smith
Smith Coded
Neo vs. Smith
Neo Mouth Closing