View Full Version : Lego lot (all sets sealed : never opened)

05-09-2004, 11:11 PM
I am selling my entire collection due to my second child about to be born. This post is for a LEGO lot (listed below). All are complete, packed, ready to ship. If you are seriously interested in purchasing, please email me and I will entertain your best offer, also I am willing to split the shipping costs with you. Thank you in advance for your interest.


The list:
1 Gungan Sub
1 Imperial Shuttle
1 Jedi Starfighter
1 Trade Federation AAT
1 Tie Fighter
1 Tusken Raider Encounter
2 Desert Skiff
1 Landspeeder
1 Final Duel II
2 Final Duel I
1 Jedi Defense II

1 Imperial Shuttle
1 Jedi Starfighter/ Slave I
1 Podracer Set (Anakin & Sebulba)