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04-08-2003, 04:11 PM
I really appretiate your advice but I don't like bidding on ebay. People are so cheap. I was bidding on a digital camcorder on ebay, and I had some competition right? So the a-hole I was bidding against did the old "bid at the last second trick". I really enjoy filming stop motion animation and I have done some star wars oriented ones in the past, but our camcorder died. All I wanted was a new one so I could make some more movies, and with the one I was bidding on I could have put my films online. I could have also added spectial effects to them on my caomputer as well. And he cowarldy bidded like that at the last second.
The last time I went to the states I got some really great deals. Mas ameda, tusken raider potj, and a 12inch Cantina band member for $7u.s. I would have bought more but its kind of embarrssing buying star wars toys on a school trip in front of your friends.
Another deal I found was on the K&B website 4.99u.s for two figures rare ones to, the kind that only a small amount made it to Canada! Of couse K&B doesn't ship to Canada.

04-10-2003, 08:53 AM
Hey Southern Ontario,

Don't feel bad about buying SW toys in front of friends. If you don't head down to U.S. very often, make the most of each trip. If "friends" start ragging on you, just tell them you're buying them for your younger cousin or something.
I'm probably older than you (since I'm out of schoold for some time now) and that's what I tell the cashier images/icons/smile.gif

I think most of the people in this forum are pretty decent folks. If you like, just start a thread in the collecting section you're interested in and ask some of our U.S. friends to look out for certain items for you. This way, if you get some contacts in the U.S. who you can trust and you've already negotiated a fair shipping cost, it might be the best way to get some hard to find toys.

I have a U.S. friend who I trade with for a few months now, its a pretty good arrangement. And I met other friends from as far as Romania.


04-10-2003, 03:57 PM
Everybody Knows I'm a star wars freak!!! It doesn't bother me though because I'm proud to be one!!! Liking star wars is kind of accepted at my school. Some of the most popular kids like it so it's cool. In fact I'm starting a star wars trivia competition at my school. images/icons/shocked.gif