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06-16-2002, 12:48 AM
Why am I laughing? I'll tell you why. Here's the lowdown...

On Friday morning, my wife and I arrived to find two different lines to enter C2. One for the Fan Club members, and one for the non-FCs. Well, since I'm in the FC and my wife isn't, we had to wait in two different lines. The plan was for me to get in an hour early, being a FC member. I'd then get the passes/badges for me and my wife, and bring hers outside to her. I'd then go back inside, get some stuff done, and meet her an hour later.

It didn't work like that. Because the early entry line was so long, I didn't get in until there were five minutes left on my "early" hour. I rushed to get our passes, and scurried (and here's the key part of the story, folks!...) out of the front door, right in front of the non-FC people who were waiting to get in; also right in front of the employee who was tending the front door. My wife was in that line, and I'd be damned if she was going to be stuck outside without her pass to get in. I found her, and told her I was going to get back inside. Now, since I ALREADY waited to get inside, was inside, and left the building all before the non-FC members were even starting to be admitted, there's no reason why I should've had to wait yet again to get in. So, I walked right back to the front of the non-FC member line to get back in.

The people in that line towards the front were all kinds of chatty and loud, but as soon as I approached the doorman, they ALL became strangely quiet. I then told the doorman my story, and tried to get back inside. Well, the dolts in the front of the line decided I was trying to cut, lie, or cheat my way in, and opened up their cheap-a**-"I can't afford the money to become a Fan Club member" mouths, and proceeded to heckle me. Well, the doorman, I guess sensing the obvious tension, was reluctant to let me in.(Even though I had the Fan Club pass, with the exclusive to FC members lanyard!) Instead of being admitted, the doorman declined, suggesting that I try around the side of the building where I had originally waited in line. Now, I don't blame the doorman at all. He prevented the white trash, Simpson's comic shop guy-looking front of the non FC member line from rioting.

As I walked away, their jeers and laughter echoed behind me. I'd usually answer this with a certain finger extended skywards, but I had bigger fish to fry, and didn't want to further offend the cattle in the front of the non FC member line.

Long story short(too late, I know), a smart, level-headed dude minding the first set of doors on the other side listened and believed my story(rightfully so), and allowed me re-entry into the building, STILL ahead of the proles in the non FC member line.

And that's why I'm laughing; I'm laughing at the sheep in the front of that line who dared open their worthless mouths. I laugh at their derision. I laugh at their ignorance and stupidity. I laugh because I was victorious! Ha. Ha. Ha.

So, the moral of the story is, don't mess with Capntarpals, especially when he's wearing proof positive of his admission around his neck.


Disclaimer: This is a true and unbiased account of the events. The only persons who could possibly take offense are those aforementioned sheep who dared doubt my story. Nuff said.

06-16-2002, 01:39 AM
Surely you should have been let back inside if you've got your ticket and have already been inside.

06-17-2002, 10:40 AM
My friends and I decided to go Saturday as well at the last minute, and so when we got there early Saturday morning, after an all night drive, we were very close in line (for those of you who went, we were right by that clock out front...Plan, go inside, buy Tickets at the door, then go back outside to meet our girlfriends, who would then go to the hotel knowing we were OK for the day...One of the workers wasn't going to let us leave after getting the tickets, saying that we had to wait until the line was gone before we could go back out the door....I immediately went into cranky mode, as I do after extremely long drives...and I said we were leaving...she told us we couldn't come back in, we'd have to wait in line...NO DUH RETARD....people are so stupid...