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06-14-2002, 05:46 PM
I have had some to reflec on my Celebration 2 experience. I do not regret going. I cant say I had the worst time, however I cannot say I had the best time. I knew going in the lines would be long. I had no idea they would be as long as they were though. I did manage to get my Sacul figure, shirt, but they were out of 25th anniversary posters. I have emailed the Fan Club to ask as to why I should continue to be a memeber. I do not see any real advantages. This was more than obvious at Cele 2. The lanyards meant nothing. Fan Club members did have any "real" privaleges. Needless to say no one at the fan club has written me back. Does anyone else feel this way? I kinda feel that the Fan Club doesnt really care. I wish someone would convince me as to why I should remain a member. I am very uncertain.

06-14-2002, 06:22 PM
the only advantage i can see is getting excusive figures...

but you can buy the books off the shelves and still get those.....

or you dont even have to buy the books.. you can just tear out an order form...

so i guess the only advantage is the price break of the issues(not sure as the price per issue on newstand) that may not even apply anymore

maybe the only advantage is the stuff they send you when you first subscribe or just having it sent to your house..... i have been a member for 4 years and my issues are often late or never arrive.... i had one time when i got the same issue 2x.

its a convenience for me because it comes to my house and i dont have to look for them

thats about it...

06-14-2002, 06:47 PM
You are correct about the exclusive figures, good point. I never received anything when I became a member. The only thing to date I have gotten is the magazine. I wonder if at Celebration 3 they would ever consider having Fan Club day?

06-14-2002, 09:13 PM
The biggest reason is so you can say that you are a SW fan Club member!


There, I said it.

06-16-2002, 12:37 AM
I guess it all depends on your priorities and what you sent out to accomplish for C2. I viewed that event from a collector's standpoint, not from someone dying for autographs or McCallum presentations. As such, I would say it was the greatest SW event to date, anywhere.

Then again, I used it as a time to hang out with people that I communicate with on the net and don't often see in real life. And as a chance to meet others I had never met before. And to hang out in a block of rooms at a hotel and and wheel and deal and gab for hours into the night. And to go out on the town and have dinner with a huge group of people in a different restaurant every night.

I thougt the location was great and the number of activities was pretty great. Nobody can plan on 3x the number of people showing up, but that's life. Indy was a great location and I honestly think that if it were a little more inaccessible then less people would show up for one day and flood the gates. Leaves more room for the more hardcore folks who don't mind flying into town for a few days to do stuff.

Yes, I agree that the figure distribution was horrible. Yes, it should have been limited to 2 per person period, not per transaction. But that has been discussed ad nauseum already.

People who drove in for a day with the main goal of getting the figure aren't really the people I was there to hang out with so, that was their downfall. Planning around one little thing like that seems very petty when there was so much more going on. I think having it so centrally located brought in lots of people who wouldn't have otherwise come. They should have only sold tickets ahead of time and not the days of the event. That keeps out lots of clutter.

I think that trying to met up with people from forums like this is a much better use of time. The figure will be availble forever on ebay, but that weekend is already gone. I really miss it already. It was a fantastic 5 day weekend for me. And for about 40 other people I knew at the Omni and other hotels.

I only wish it was an annual event. Big events like this are necessary to get people from all over the country and world to get together for a fun, albeit short, time.


06-16-2002, 08:05 PM
Sounds like you and I had very similar experiences in Indy, Chris.

The whole weekend for me was hanging out with three of my good SW buddies - two I only ever really "see" with regularity on the internet. It was all about friendship, lots of laughs, and lots of talk with fellow SW fans. For me, the events and merchandise were almost an "extra" bonus of the weekend.

One of the secreats to being fulfilled in life is to accept the things you cannot change (ie - long lines and crowds), and change the things you can (ie - your oun attitudes and outlook on situations).

I would attend another Celebration in a heartbeat. images/icons/smile.gif