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05-07-2002, 10:16 PM
C2 Autograph Update

When planning for C2, we knew we had a good idea with the autograph pull service because we were aware there was so much other content, avoiding autograph lines would be nice. Little did we know, not only would we be overwhelmed by the number of orders, but weather delayed a number of the guests, preventing them from pre-signing their photos so the pull service could even work. Combining that, with the overwhelming number of people waiting in line for the guests, we didnít pull our first orders until Saturday night, rather than the couple of hours we planned. Sunday just got worse, and we never caught up.

Due to this, many orders placed, were not picked up. For this, you have our most sincere apologies. We are expecting our materials to arrive from Indianapolis on Wednesday or Thursday, weather permitting, and will then finalize filling the orders directly. Depending on when appropriate shipping materials arrive, we will send each order out, priority mail. We expect this to happen no later than Monday. All orders shipped will include a bonus in them so we can attempt to make up for our delay in delivery. If you happen to receive an order that is damaged, we will replace it so long as it is within 30 days. After 30 days, all remaining unsold photos will be destroyed to protect the value of the collectable.

Questions can be directed to Philip Wise Philip@rebelscum.com or Ben Stevens ben@hollywoodexpo.com.

We may also be reached via phone at the numbers listed on www.seetwo.com. (http://www.seetwo.com.)

Ben Stevens
Philip Wise

05-10-2002, 07:42 AM