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05-06-2002, 11:21 AM
Just my two cents, but heres hoping they dont have an exclusive figure at CIII. Obviously a lot of people are disapointed, especially those who came only for the figure and didnt even get it. I came for the sake of having fun and enjoying my time, and the exclusive figure was a nice bonus, but I certainly wouldnt have been disapointed if they never offered one. I feel badly for those who couldn't even make it, and tried to help out a few by selling my extra and my parents extras at cost plus shipping, but even that doesnt dent the extreme number of people who couldnt, and may never get a figure. I got my figure, and Im happy, but I blame WOTC and Hasbro, for simply underproducing this figure, and then telling their associates to tell attendees not to worry about getting this. I was in the convention center Thursday evening, just walking around and exploring, and found a WOTC associate. Here is our conversation to the best of my memory:

Me: Excuse me, but could you tell me how early we will be allowed to line up for the Celebration Store, to get merchandise and the figure?

WOTC Guy: Im not sure about an exact time, but I can tell you that you don't need to worry about lining up early. We have plenty of merchandise.

Me: What do you consider "plenty"?

WOTC Guy: Well for the figure alone, we will have 150,000 of them, 50,000 per day. That means that each day, 25,000 guest can get two figures, and it will be strictly limited to 2 per person, period.

Me: How are you going to enforce that? Are you marking hands, or punching holes in our badges or something?

WOTC Guy: I cant really give you those details, but I can say everyone here will get them.

Me: Ok, thanks for the help!

WOTC Guy: No problem.

What kind of BS are they feeding their workers? Im glad I took this with a grain of salt and didnt believe him, but I definately pity all of those who believed his ruse. Now, if what he said was true, then by god, they would have been on to something......... I got my figure and Im pissed about how they did it, I cant even begin to imagine how those of you feel who came all the way to Indy, souley to get the figure, and didnt get it. For that, I am sorry to all of you!

That is all,