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05-04-2002, 08:54 PM
I must agree with all the negativity. C2 sucked. My grandmother died this morning & I almost did not go, but I thought it would be a nice outlet to get away. I was wrong. I am in the meeting planning & AV staging business, and have never seen a more poorly planned event. Terrible signage, lousy crowd routing, terrible sound in the meeting rooms. I thought they would have taken some notes after Denver. The only difference was that it was entirely inside. I can't count high enough how many people stepped on my 3-year old son. You would think there would be a little consideration from people. The seminars I did get to were OK, but it's pretty impossible to hear when they only have the audio patched through the front third of the room. Not knowing where to go when I first got there because of no real direction from the staff sucked as well. Good luck to all who try to decipher the event program they handed out. There was also a lot of wasted exhibit space. Widening the lanes in the exhibit hall would have helped out the cattle herding a lot. Worst of all, the main reason for making the trip from Cincinnati for the day was to pick up a Sacul figure. NO DICE. The only bright spot was meeting Dan Flarida & picking up a cool REBELSCUM hat. Thanks Dan.

05-04-2002, 10:37 PM
I hafe to agree with most everything,same here with my 10 month old in his stoller.UNORGANIZED like you would not beleave!!I images/icons/frown.gif images/icons/confused.gif was lucky enough to get 4 sacul figures but when you have to wait in line TO wait in line,it makes you wounder ,WHO planed this?

05-05-2002, 03:24 PM
Sorry to hear you had a bad time. Everyone I met (and myself) was having a fantastic time.

05-05-2002, 06:42 PM
I cancelled my trip due to a family illness, but by looking at the pics posted around the net the thing that sticks out is the lines! Were they really that BAD? Seems all people did was wait in line? This type of event just seems better suited as a tour of say 20 stops across the US and in Canada.

05-05-2002, 07:21 PM
I felt the celebration was really planned well. What they had there was great. All the problems people are complaining about are a result of the turnout. I dont think they expected over 30,000 people to show up. They did need more options for people, since there were LONG lines everywhere. But what was there was really cool if you could get inb to see it.

05-05-2002, 07:54 PM
Seeming that it was my first star wars event, I was impressed with what they had to offer. However, there were too many people. Too long of lines. The way things were planned, I didn't get to do the one thing I went up there to do: meet hayden christensen. I did meet Rick, and had a nice minute conversation with him while he signed my book for me. But, it was hard to figure out which thing I wanted to do, because I couldn't meet carrie fisher and go to the store at the same time. Also, did I mention the people? I happen to have a problem with crowds, and I saw more than one fire harzard. Because in the event of a fire, you wouldn't be able to get out. And it was poorly planned in the sense that one couldn't do a lot in one single day, cause that was all that I was able to go. Neat things to see though, and got a lot of neat pictures. They did run out of a lot of things, and that I am going to have to wait 4-8 weeks to get my shirt is kinda bad...
Everyone,except this one guy in front of me at the autograph pull out line... cause I am getting those in the mail too... but, I think the only problem I saw was the huge amount of people, and that they were poorly trafficed, or whatever the word for that is... images/icons/smile.gif It was worth it to see yoda fighting, and the 8 minutes of digital footage from episode two....

05-05-2002, 08:56 PM
I came from saint louis for the sunday show and yes, it DEFINITELY blew images/icons/mad.gif , everyone i talked to was upset. Nobody really had a clue as to where they were, i would ask several people in line and got a serious wrong answer. I spent my day telling people they were in the wrong line, like me images/icons/confused.gif .
You had to stand in a line to get a ticket to stand in a line images/icons/confused.gif !?! They should have had big orange warning signs upon entering...DO NOT BRING KIDS WHO GET BORED WAITING IN A LINE FOR 3 HOURS.
"Jorg Sacul" gone by 10am, but people were selling them for $75 a piece 100 ft images/icons/shocked.gif . from the store entrance. Yes I bought one, but for $30 from a kind vender, who spared one of his. (I made a sign dictating that i would pay this amount, thanks to all those who bought more than their share and didn't help me) No autograph's. Forget Carrie Fisher...she needs to do a 50 city tour. I was told at 10:30am that the line to get a ticket to stand in line for autographs, was closed FOR GOOD. The attentant told me that they expected 25,000 people throughtout the entire weekend, but surpassed that number on friday alone. WHERE'S THE MARKETING? images/icons/confused.gif images/icons/mad.gif 26,000 Jorg Sacul, and people were buying him buy the case!?! images/icons/mad.gif and he will be available no where else!!!! Unfair.
I congratulated the few people who were having a good time (all had been there all 3 days), they agreed that it was unorganized (5 minutes later we all realized we were in the wrong line)
*One positive note: I really enjoyed the costumes images/icons/smile.gif , and the people who were dressed up more than happily posed for pictures, and this my 4 yr old daughter will remember the most, you were the ones who made this day special.

05-05-2002, 10:37 PM
I sure wish we could hear from more long-time posters here...The vibe was DEFINITELY not as bad as folks here are making it out to be, from my perspective, and I don't want the majority of readers here to think it was has horrendous as the above posts make it out to be.

05-05-2002, 10:54 PM
Well, I was only able to go on Friday. I was by myself (I wasn't planning on going until last week). I got into Indy at 7AM, waited in a line until they let us in. Meanwhile I had a nice conversation with some other fans from the Indy area and Columbus OH. I had to buy my pass and get a FC lanyard, so that took about half an hour. After that I went straight to the store. There were countless people in line before me, but after about an hour or so I got to the front, and bought my t-shirts, badge set, and Jorgs. Again, while waiting in line I had some good conversations with other fans.

After getting out of the store (and deciding it wasn't worth waiting in line to get extra figures), I walked up the stairs and saw a line up there. I asked what it was for, and they said the opening ceremonies. I figured it was only 45 minutes away, and I'm sure this will be a good presentation, so I got in the line. Again, the people around me were very cool to talk with. One from Kentucky and another from Milwaukee. Eventually they let us into the ballroom and we sat down and continued talking. The opening ceremoies commenced (and rocked hardcore). After that I headed downstairs and caught the 8 minutes of episode 2 (again, awesome). By this point it was about 2:30, and I had to leave at about 4, so I decided to check out the other exhibits. I was floored by the Star Wars Galaxies demo, and the Hasbro sculptor, and the Hasbro displays, and the..... 4PM I left. Happy. I had a really great time just chilling with other people who shared the same passion for Star Wars I have.

I can understand frustration with not getting to see what you want because of the lines, but I didn't experience any of that. I'm definitely going to C3 (if/when).


05-05-2002, 10:55 PM
Hey Musasa...

I ENJOYED Celeb. 2 very much. I thought that yes, the lines were long, but I never had any problem figuring out where to go. They had a photocopied sheet in the front with all the events, where they were, and a map.

If a line was very long, I'd ask someone in line, and never got a wrong answer.

If I wasn't sure, I'd go where the event was being held, see the beginning of the line there, and follow it back.

I've stood in line longer at some amusement parks for a 3 minute ride than I did to see Anthony Daniels talk to R2, and Temura Morrison, and Daniel Logan, and Hayden Christiansen (among others) for an hour.

I saw great stuff all over. Met some really nice people. Yes, it was very crowded. I don't think they expected this many people. And for the # of people in that area, I think it was handled well.

The things that bothered me were the exclusive fig. I did manage to get a couple. Some people were apparently circumventing the line and buying lots and lots of them. And, the dealers in the dealer room were openly advertising that they'd pay for them (it started at double list price on Fri, and they were paying $30 each by Sun). IMO, they should give you a card like the pass, one card for each day, that allows you to buy your figures - 2 at a time. So, I had a 3 day pass, I should have gotten 3 cards that allow me to get 2 Sacul figs for each card - but I can only buy 2 at a time. There should also have been more clearly marked exits from the store, to get people out after they made their purchases, so they couldn't reenter the line by staying inside the store.

Also, the concert on Sat. night sucked. I stood in line for 2 hours to get tickets, and another 1.5 hrs to get in. They orchestra was out of tune, and out of sync with each other. I wasn't expecting the London Symphony Orch., but I was expecting better than a H.S. band. It was SO bad that my wife and I both left at the intermission.

Other than the concert, and my suggestion about the exclusive figure, I had a great time. It was tiring, the days were long, but so much fun. Met some really nice people. Saw some really cool stuff, stood in line alot, but I expected that. I knew I wasn't just going to walk into each exhibit/seminar without a line.

So, there ya go, musasa - a (mostly) glowing review of the Celebration 2!


P.S. I will be giving away one of the Jorg Sacul figs in my website, probably some timein June. See my sig.

05-05-2002, 11:06 PM
Yeah, I feel the good vibe flowin' already. images/icons/smile.gif

05-05-2002, 11:51 PM
Don't get me wrong. I'm sure others had a blast. My 3-year old loved it. Yes - I think you can attribute it to overwhelming crowds and not being prepared for that many people. I myself went in with reservations about it because I lost the gumption that particular day due to my personal situation. That can put a "suck" into anyone's day. I did meet a lot of great people and have decided to quit being a closet geek. It convinced me to join up with the Ohio Star Wars Collecotrs Club. I JUST WISH I COULD HAVE GOTTEN A JORG. AAARRRGH.

05-06-2002, 05:00 AM
How's this for toy carma?

My two buds nabed me the C2 Sacul fig - I didn't have to wait in line and they totally hooked me up! Thanks guys! images/icons/smile.gif

Yes, lines were long but if you planned ahead you could see what you wanted to. I saw Hayden but skipped the 3 hour Carrie Fisher line. Ogibendogy wanted her signature, so he simply signed up to pay the extra $1 for the company to get it FOR him. He had his pic in hand by 2pm Saturday. AND I GOT MY BERU SIGNED PIC! images/icons/grin.gif

If only SOME people there had gotten to wait in line while others got in with no wait, THAT would have been unfair. The reality was everyone had to wait, which told me it was simply that there were WAY more people than this thing was planned for. I met some of the coolest people in line! Nobody around me seemed to be bumed at all, and I sure had a terrific time.

05-06-2002, 08:44 AM
Sorry to hear that some of you had a bad time....I actually had a great time, I arrived Friday at about 1pm, and was able to get some autographs (Billy Dee, Niub Numb, the "new" Beru, and Boba Fett) and I signed up for the pull service for Carrie Fisher (my girlfriends gonna kill me, but I had to get the slave leia pic!!) The only problem I had was with C2 Ventures, who was in charge of the autographs, as I signed of for there pull service for Carrie Fisher at about 3pm Friday, so it should have been ready early Saturday morning, but of course they didnt get they didnt have any pics when I went to pic mine up at around noon on Saturday....They said they had no idea when they would be getting there pics, so I talked to a manager who was kind enough to ship the photo to me when the con is over, I'm sure there were a lot of unhappy people who tried to save time with the pull service and werent able to get there pics due to this. Other than that though, I had a wonderful time....

05-07-2002, 11:50 AM
Originally posted by capkirk:
The only bright spot was meeting Dan Flarida & picking up a cool REBELSCUM hat. Thanks Dan.<font size="2" face="arial">It was nice meeting you also! It was great to meet a lot of the fellow forum members at the show!

05-07-2002, 03:36 PM
I had an over all good experience at C2. I was disappointed not to get a personalized autograph from Carrie Fisher but I did it from the pull service instead. The lines were long but what did you expect. I got some pictures with David Prowse, most of the girls, and one with Billy Dee Williams. I just waited around Saturday afternoon when they were through signing autographs and just doing the pull service and just asked if it was ok to get a picture. I was pumped that Billie Dee Williams said yes and then reached out to shake my hand afterwards.

The C2 Ventures line was a total joke. One guy, no table to fill out the sheets first, or a sign at that telling you to. I mean come on a 2 hour line with one person. Sunday they finally tried to make two lines but it was too late. I got there first thing Sunday at 9:00 and the line didn't open till 9:40. HELLO!!!

I'm glad I went and sorry other didn't have a good time. I waited in long lines too but I did manage to get my 2 figures Friday. It was a huge hit in the wallet but I'm going to start saving for C3 now. There were obvious mismanagement and they should of had a better count considering most people got their's from the site. I have plenty of pictures and memories I'll never forget.

05-07-2002, 04:24 PM
Well, I'm going to have to weigh in on the negative side. I had MUCH more fun in Denver.

My problems:

-overbooking/lines. Everyone has been over this, so I can't really say anything that hasn't been said.

-confusion/rule-changing. No one that worked/volunteered there seemed to have a clue. Especially concering the sagamore ballroom. Friday, you didn't need tickets, sat you did, but could get multiple tickets depending on which person you talked to at the info desk, sun. - tickets, no multiples...

-early closing hours. WTF? Why did the exhibition hall and the other rooms close so early when there were still shows going on and the fan films/pop culture rooms continued showing films?

-Lack of footage. Nearly every presentation I went to in Denver (if not every one) at least showed the trailers or something on the big screen. This time, nothing at the main stage showed anything other than opening ceremonies as far as I know.

-few dealers. Many scalpers. Ultarama and one other booth were the two standouts. Alot of the people there should be taken out back and beaten for the prices they were asking... And people were paying it. Why? Because there were hardly any freaking dealers there at all. The selection compared to Denver stunk and there was little to no competition to drive prices to less-than-ebay levels.

-false advertising. Everything I read said that celebrities would be stopping by the "fan club only" lounge (which non-members were going into and out of with no problem - not that I really care, but a lot of people there were really ticked for paying extra to join the fan club and basically getting no perks) and that there would be a schedule posted of times people would be stopping by. Guess what? No food or drinks in the lounge, no games (The early press release about the lounge said that there would be a collection of star wars arcade games set up in there), and NO freaking schedule or celebrities. Anyone I asked said they didn't know anything about it, and when I showed them the info in the *official* program guide, they just shrugged and said that it must have been scrapped at the last second.

-The store. O.k. a lot has been said about the figure and other things selling out, but what I want to know is why they had pretty much nothing other than the exclusive merchandise. The store in Denver had the first few e1 figures before they were released, some older fan club exclusives, other books, t-shirts.... This one had very little selection. Pretty sad.

-spacing of shows. Denver had a show with one or two actors every 30-45 minutes, giving you a better chance to get into something and a shorter time waiting in lines while this one stuck with hour-and-a-half shows, therefore allowing only a few per day.

Not that I thought everything was negative, (I had a good time meeting folks, etc...) but for the most part I spent the weekend having an hour of fun flanked by about two hours of sheer boredom and frustration.

05-07-2002, 06:17 PM
I had a great time at C2, once I figured out how to work it. I got there Saturday, needing my badge and not knowing about the line on the other side of the building, so I didnt get into the building until 9:30. The bright spot was that I got to see the 501st march over and form up on the steps of the RCA dome before the doors opened. Sweet!
I slipped into the store line and managed to get my Sacul's 105 minutes later. It was noon before I got to figure out what else I was going to do! I didnt bother with the upstairs presentations, cuz the lines were too long, so I saw many of the ones at the 500 ballroom, including attack of the Fetts, which was excellent. My timing for autographs was excellent too, getting those without any wait at all in the afternoon Saturday.
Sunday went much better. I got into the Carrie Fisher line right away, but didnt have to just sit there. I got to know the folks in line with me and we allowed eachother to go do other things. I saw two presentations while 'waiting' for Carrie. A shout out to the two guys from Omaha Fan Force that I spent the day in line with.
So even with all the lines I got to see almost everything I wanted to. It just took a little bit of planning.


05-07-2002, 06:28 PM
I enjoyed it, I wasn't really after any autographs or certian shows. I just went to have fun. What a person should do.

05-07-2002, 09:38 PM
i enjoyed myself on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday things began to get boring for me. People were rude at this convention but that is to be expected. I felt that this convention was not well organized and that they let too many people in on Saturday. I stood in line all weekend! I had some fun, but it got old. I am not a crowd person so I am not surprised by my response. i really felt bad for the young kids. They were having such a rough time getting around and many poor kids were cranky and tired from all the excitement. Some parents really should have given their kids a break. The dealers were not very reasonable when it came to prices and Brians Toys can kiss my @#$!!! $20 dollars for a dooku!!!! You can't go down to 10 bucks for your cantina alien band member mail away?!!! What a bunch of jerks!!! I used to buy from brians toys but this celebration proved to me what a bunch of money grubbing lowlifes they really are. Brian Toys does not know how to bargain and help fellow collectors out. I feel that the dealers were the worst part of CII. I loved the costume contest!!! I also enjoyed the hasbro Q and A. The convention was an ok experience. i did get everything i wanted. it was just sad to see how much money is being made on the scalping of star wars toys. I never participated in the scalper collector debates but CII proved to me what a wretched scum scalpers can be.

05-08-2002, 12:13 AM
The only problem I had was with C2 Ventures, who was in charge of the autographs, as I signed of for there pull service for Carrie Fisher at about 3pm Friday, so it should have been ready early Saturday morning, but of course they didnt get they didnt have any pics when I went to pic mine up at around noon on Saturday....They said they had no idea when they would be getting there pics, so I talked to a manager who was kind enough to ship the photo to me when the con is over, I'm sure there were a lot of unhappy people who tried to save time with the pull service and werent able to get there pics due to this.

I totally agree with this person. C2 Ventures was so poorly managed and their customer relations was awful. Do you guys remember that blonde-haired guy with the moustache? He was terrible, blowing people off all over the place. My packet was incomplete, not having the photo signed by Williams, Prowse and Bulloch. They said they would sent it to me. They better....

05-08-2002, 12:35 AM
I enjoyed C2 for the most part. The lines were long but then again like one of the people in the opening ceremony said "What Star Wars without lines" or something like that. I knew the lines would of been long so I was getting up at 4am and waiting in line outside so that I could do alot more stuff. I dedcided do to the pull service thing instead of going to all of the actors and actress so that I would have more time to see more things.
The nicest thing was talking and meeting people who I have talked to online and haven't seen before till that day. I hope they do C3 a little differently like two events on the different coast of the country or raise the price of the tickets to make the crowd a little less.
Overall I did enjoy it alot and had fun at it.

05-08-2002, 11:22 AM
The biggest problem I had were the amount of people.

30,000 fans were expected over the entire weekend. 50,000 were there Saturday alone.

Hey WOTC...I know you want money, but when you have an event which offers panels and autographs, you need to cap the amount of people you are letting in the door. You don't let them all in and then cap the lines they are standing in while waiting to meet the people they've driven or flown to see.

The convention was oversold, and the fact that people who purchased their passes the day of got the exact same stuff as fan club members and those who bought passes months in advance was ridiculous.

The extra bag of goodies given away to fan club members? What the H*LL was that? A few pieces of paper with advertisements on them and a bag of 3D ranch Doritos (That weren't very good by the way).

Yeah I got Jorg Sacul, and yes after getting at the convention center for 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning I got Carrie Fisher's autograph.

It was interesting though that I was 23rd in line outside the door when I arrived but when I got to the line there were already approximately 30 people lined up.

Overall Saturday was like Bourbon St. on Mardi Gras Day. You could just about walk into the exhibitor's hall and your feet wouldn't hit the floor until to got to the other side.

As I said before, WOTC decided that they were going to herd in as many cows as possible. For the fans that meant lines to wait in lines, lines that people thought they were standing in were for something else, and if you didn't have a partner to stand in another line it was possible you missed out on your intent to be there.

I'd have to give it a 6.5-7 on a scale of 10 (no I'm not a French judge by the way) mostly because I felt at the very least the fan club members were promised one thing but WOTC realized they didn't want to deliver when they saw the amount of non-gray lanyards walking up to the door.

How about a fan club members only day for Celebration III WOTC? I know this was your first try, and I commend you for trying to bring the fans what they wanted. But don't forget the fans who keep the club going when everyone else is simply back for more after putting their 'die-hard' attitude on hold for three years.

05-08-2002, 02:06 PM
Originally posted by starwarsarmboy:
SWC2 was AWESOME!!!!! Lines were big, but they moved fast. Counting down til SWC3.<font size="2" face="arial">The lines moved fast??? What lines were you standing in? I was in line for over 2 hours just to get the Jorg Sacul figure...I don't call that moving very fast!

05-09-2002, 12:33 AM
I'm suprised by all the negativity, especially from the people who went for more than one day. I went Sunday only, got my badge and lanyard from Will Call and still had time to get my figs. I really wanted some autographs but decided to spend my money filling many gaps in my collection at OK prices. I set my expectations low for the day but I checked out the exhibitors hall several times, saw the Clod City exhibit, ate, saw many of the autographers from a distance (Edmonds walked right passed me), went through the archives, and talked to alot of great people in line among other little things. Not bad since I was getting tired and left shortly before 2pm.

Has anybody complaining ever gone to any fair, festival, circus, spoting event, concert, or other special event before? I've waited in longer bathroom lines at some events than it took me to get through the archives. Sure this event did have it's problems but what do you expect, no event ever runs perfectly for everone. I was just happy to be there and my biggest regret was that I only went the one day. Next time I'll plan ahead more and I'm sure I'll be able to do everything on my "to do" list.

05-09-2002, 12:45 AM
Originally posted by IG86:
I cancelled my trip due to a family illness, but by looking at the pics posted around the net the thing that sticks out is the lines! Were they really that BAD? Seems all people did was wait in line? This type of event just seems better suited as a tour of say 20 stops across the US and in Canada.<font size="2" face="arial">

05-09-2002, 12:47 AM
SWC2 was AWESOME!!!!! Lines were big, but they moved fast. Counting down til SWC3.

05-10-2002, 04:10 PM
C2? My opinion? I'll never go again unless they can assure us (the fans) that there is enough room for us to at least move our arms...poeple were packed in so tightly together that you couldnt move at all. Come on now...they had to know how many people the convention center could hold and how many tickets they sold. Heres a good conspiracy theory for you all....Ummm could it have just been about the money????? images/icons/mad.gif

05-10-2002, 10:26 PM
I came back with a positive attitude about C2, I really enjoyed it. And yes, the lines were long as was the waiting. And since you had to buy a pass, I don't understand how WOTC didn't know there were going to be 70,000 people going through there. I went all three days and Friday and Sunday were pretty good. Saturday almost made me cry though. images/icons/wink.gif

For the next one, they need to limit the ticket sales. It appeared to me that if you wanted to go this time you could, which is why there were sooooo many people there.

And they did run out of stuff. The store ran out of probably half their merchandise on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday I think all they had left were some lapel pins and stamps.

The Convention Center itself ran out of pop and had to go get canned pop from somewhere else (grocery stores I guess). When we found this out, we asked the Convention Center vendor and he said they had way underestimated the amount of people that would be there and ended up short on pop.

I was disheartened to see little cards on dealer tables in the exhibition hall offering $'s for Sacul figures. I can't see why WOTC or someone didn't go around and beat the crap out of those folks or kick them out.

P.S. I did get my 2 Sacul figures early Friday which took a lot of tension out of me for the rest of the weekend. images/icons/smile.gif

05-10-2002, 11:35 PM
Originally posted by ECHO-3:
I hafe to agree with most everything,same here with my 10 month old in his stoller.UNORGANIZED like you would not beleave!!I images/icons/frown.gif images/icons/confused.gif was lucky enough to get 4 sacul figures but when you have to wait in line TO wait in line,it makes you wounder ,WHO planed this?<font size="2" face="arial">Im sorry but did you really need four? are you gonna scalp the two that others would have liked? or are you gonna help out some people in the chat room here that didnt get anything?

05-11-2002, 01:56 AM
I personally had an awesome time at C2 I was there Saturday & Sunday.

On Saturday I Walked about 6 blocks just to get to my hotel because the taxi driver couldnt figure out how to get me there with all the marathon baracades, INDY is a cool city.

There sure were alot of people at the conventions and I'll address that later.

I stood in several long lines 1) to get in. 2) to get my fan club lanyard 3) to try for a Jorg figure.

I didnt get a figure on Saturday, but it was cool checking out all the costumes, listening to alot of people complaining about trivial stuff, and I did meet some interesting people who were right behind me in line.

I was then able to pick up some cool items in the dealers room at reasonable prices that I wanted. and yes there were some stuff overpriced and I exercised my right not to pay for them.

I met alot of great fans and made new friends, I took alot of great pictures.

On Sunday I was in line around 5am and got my 2 figures, after that I walked around and checked out as much as I could. The Costume contest was a hoot, but I had to leave early to catch my flight home. No I didnt get to see everything I wanted and didnt do everything I wanted, But I also didnt expect to.

I have attended several Sci Fi conventions and yes C2 had alot of people (FANS) and anyone who went and didnt expect to deal with the masses and stand in line is dreaming, but you were there of your own free will.

THIS WAS STAR WARS CELEBRATION II with fans attending from all over the world and that is what is suppose to make this great. what did people expect?

For the Whiners and Complainers I'm sure there is an upcomming Space Above and Beyond convention somewhere. this way you wont have to deal with lines.

Not to say Space Above and Beyond was not a good show, but its not STAR WARS

I also think the staff did a good job. Its not easy dealing with thousands and thousands of FANS.
and think of the sacrifices they made and the events they missed just so they could be yelled at by you.

IM already planning for Celebration III

Anyone needing INFO on upcomming Space Above and Beyond Conventions just let me know Ill see what I can find out. because I only want all fans to be happy. images/icons/grin.gif images/icons/tongue.gif