View Full Version : Anybody collect the Decipher CCG cards still?

07-28-2003, 06:47 PM
Just wondering if anybody is still collecting the the Decipher cards still? I am about 500 shy of an entire run. Some series such as Theed Palace, Coruscant, and Reflections 3 are getting tougher to find and more expensive.

07-28-2003, 08:14 PM
Im still trying to complete my sets... Yes, it is getting hard to find people who still would like to complete their sets.

Interested in a trade? images/icons/smile.gif

07-28-2003, 09:35 PM
i wouldn't say i really collect sets, but i do look for good deals . i like collecting the people cards. i really don't care to play the game, bhut i like having these stlye cards of motti ,vader etc. i recently bought an expansion box and it had a jabbas palace deck in there. maybe i can help you if you let me know what you're looking for.

07-30-2003, 12:38 AM
If you all have want list send it to me via PM and I'll shoot you over my updated want list. I have a hard time finding people to trade with. Thanks

07-30-2003, 07:28 PM
I have tons of them. Too bad decipher doesn't make them anymore. Wizards of the coast sucks. I still want a Mara Jade Foil. images/icons/frown.gif

07-31-2003, 01:53 PM
Hi all

I am looking to finish off my sets
but I only need HTF cards

Here Are may Haves and Wants


For Trade

Promo cards

Clash of Sabers foil
Grimtaash foil

Reflections III Foils
Qui-Gon Jinn AI
Anakins lightsaber Japanese
Anakins podracer x2
Artoo & Threepio (l)
Corran Horn
Dash Rendar
Gimme a lift
Harvest x2
Lando with Vibro axe
Luke Skywalker Rebel Scout x4
Mace Windu x2
Mirax Terrik X2
Obi-wan Kenobi Padawan learner AI x2
Obi-wan Kenobi Japanese x3
Obi-wans Journal x2
Outrider x2
Owen Lars & Beru Lars X2
Qui-Gon Jinns lightsaber AI
Rebel Leadership x2
Talon Karrde x3
They win this round
Wedge Japanese x2
A new secret base x5
Boonta Eve podrace x2
Brisky morning munchen x4
Captain Panaka X2
Chewbacca Protector x3
Corcuscant: Jedi council chamber x4
Echo base garrison x3
End of a reign x4
I did it! X3
Jar Jar Binks x3
Prisoner 2187 x2
Pulsar Skate x2
Queens?s royal starship x2
Radiant VII x3
Rebel artillery x3
Ric Olie x2
Seeking an audience x3
Shmi Skywalker x3
Supreme Chancellor Valorum x3
Vote now x2
Yoda SCM X2
After Her!
Aurra Sing AI x3
Captain Gilad Palleaon
Death Maul AI
Destroyer droid x3
Dr. evazan & Ponda Baba X2
Grand Admiral Thrawn x3
Guri x2
Lott Dodd x3
Mauls sith infiltrator AI x3
Maul Strikes x2
Nute Gunray
Prince Xizor x2
Rolling rolling rolling
Sebulbas podracer X2
Watto AI x2
Boonta Eve podrace
Brangus Glee x2
Dioxis x4
Disarmed x2
Dr. evazan Japanese
Grand Moff tarkin Japanese x2
Gravity shadow x2
I have you now
Imperial Command x4
Mauls lightsaber
Mercenary Pilot x4
Mighty Jabba x2
Power of the Hutt x5
Sith Prode droid x2
Tatooine : Derset landing site x3
The circle is now complete Japanese
Trample Japanese x4
Vaders lightsber Japanese x5
Vote Now d/s x5
You may start your landing x4

A close race x3
A remote planet x4
A tragedy has occurred x2
Aim high
An Unusual amount of fear x8
Another pathetic lifeform x3
Armament dismantled x4
Battle plan x4
Chewie enraged x9
Clinging to the edge x2
Colo claw fish x2
Darth Mauls demise x3
Desperate times x3
Diversionary tactics x2
Do or do not x6
Don?t do that again
Echo base sensors x3
Energy walls x4
Ewok Celebration x4
Fall of a jedi x5
Han Chewie and the Falcon x5
He can go about his business x4
Horace Vancil x6
Inner strength x9
Jar Jars electropole x3
Jedi leap
Lando Calrissian Scoundrel x7
Landos not a system hes a man x4
Leia rebel Princes x4
Lets keep a little optimism here x3
Naboo: Theed palace generator x7
Naboo: Theed palace generator core x5
Obi-wan kenobi Jedi Knight x5
Obi-wans lightsaber x8
Only jedi carry that weapon x8
Opee sea killer x3
Ounee Ta x2
Planetary defences x3
Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi master x4
Qui-Gons lightsaber x5
So bibble x7
Strike blocked x7
We?ll handle this x7
Weapon of a fallen mentor x3
Wise advice x3
Yoda master of the force x5
Your insight serves you well x 3
Your ship x3
A useless gesture x9
Allegations of corruption x6
Aurra sings blaster rifle x9
Battle Order
Bib fortuna x11
Blizzard 4 x5
Blockade Flagship: Hallway d/s x8
Blow parried x8
Boba Fett bounty hunter x2
Colo claw fish x3
Come here you big coward x2
Conduct your search x4
Dark rage x8
Deep hatred x6
Energy walls x4
Fanfare x3
Fear is my ally x7
Force push x4
Jabba Desolijic Tiure x6
Leave them to me x4
Let them make the first more x6
Lord Maul x8
Mauls double bladed lightsaber x4
Naboo: Theed palace generator x8
Naboo: Theed palace generator core x5
No escape x4
No match for a sith x5
Opee sea killer x6
Prepare for a surface attack x6
Qui-Gons end x5
Resistance x2
Sando aqua monster
Secret Plans x5
The ebb of battle x4
The Hutts are gangsters x7
There is no try x2
They must never again leave this city x7
Thok & Thug x7
Through the corridor x5
Unsalvageable x3
We?ll let fate-a decide, Huh? X6
Weapon of a sith x7
Where are those droidekas?! X4
Wipe them out, all of them x4
You cannot hide forever x3
You?ve never won a race? x5


Darth Maul with lightsaber
Darth Sidious


Darth Maul YA
Nute Gunray
Panaka?s blaster
Ric Olie
Rune Haako
They will be no match for you
Your insight serves you well & Staging area

A million voices crying out
Anakin?s podracer
Aurra Sing
Boonta eve podrace d/s
Brisky morning munchen
Darth Maul
End of a Reign
Great Shot kid x2
I did it
I will find them quickly, master
Jar Jar Binks
Keeping the empire out forever
Maul?s lightsaber
Obi-wan Kenob AI x2
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn?s lightsaber
Qui-Gon Jinn?s lightsaber AI
Sebulba x2
Sebulba AI
Sebulba?s podracer
Shmi Skywalker
Sith Probe droid x3
The shield is down
Threepio with parts showing x2
We will double our efforts! x2
You my start your landing x2

Japanese?s cards (all BB)
Artillery remote x3
Cell 2187
Chewbacca?s bowcaster
Clak'dor VII
Commence recharging
Dark Waters
Death star plans
Death Star: Trench
Disarming creature
Double Agent
General Carlist Rieekan
Grand Moff Tarkin
Lateral damage
Lukes cape
Major Bren Derlin
Motti Seeker
Planet defender ion cannon
Presence of the force
Rogue 2 x2
Rug Hug
Sandcrawler d/s
Solo Han
Surface defense cannon
Tatooine: Obi wans hut
Zev Senesca

Japanese cards WB
Rebel Snowspeeder x2
Walker Garrison

SWCCG - Intoductory Two-Player Game (Japanese) wb
Death Star: Level 6 Core Shaft Corridor
Luke x2
Run Luke, Run! x2
Death Star: Docking Control Room 327
Vader x2
Vader's Obsession x2

Reflections II L/S
Don?t get cocky
Wedge Antilles
Gold leader in Gold 1 x2
Green squadron A-wing x2
Lone Rouge
Mantellian Savrip x2
Order to Engage
Tawess Khan
Force lightning
DSII throne room
Executor: Meditation chamber
Fighters coming in
Hoth wampa cave
Vader?s Obsession

Expanded Universe
Agents of the black sun
Black sun fleet x3
Captain Gilad Pellaeon
Singer x4
Artoo & Threepio x3
Chewbacca Protector x3
LE-B0209 x3
Luke Skywalker, Rebel guard
Mercenary armor x3
No questions asked x4
Pilsar Skate
Obi-wans Journal x3
Watch your step x4

Combo Cards
Complete set
Abyssin Ornament & Wounded Wookie x7
Alter & Collateral damage x2
Control & set for stun x7
Dark maneuvers & Tallon roll x6
Defensive fire & Hutt smooch x4
Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba
Evader & Monnok x3
Ommni box & It?s worse x3
Sense & Uncertain is the future x3
Sniper & Dark strike x4
Sundown & Too cold for speeders x4
Alter &Friendly fire x3
The Bth shuffle & Desperate reach x3
Do, or do not & Wise advice x4
Houjix & Out of nowhere x3
Nar Shaddon wind chimes & Out of somewhere x5
Out of commission & Transmission terminated x4
Owen Lars & Beru Lars x5
Path of least resistance & Revealed x5
Sense & Recoil in fear
Shocking information & Grimtaash x3
Yoda stew & You have your moments x6

Accuser x2
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Piett
Anakin Skywalker
Battle deployment x2
Baron Soontir Fel
Captain Sarkli
Chewbacca of Kashyyyk (2000)
Combined fleet action
Commander Merrejk
Death Star II: Throne room
General Solo (2000)
Gold squadron 1
Green squadron A-wing x2
Green Squadron 1
Fighter cover
Fighters coming in
Flag ship Exceutor
Force Lighting
Home One
I?ll take the leader
I?m with you too
Imperial command
Intensify the forward batteries
Janus Greejatus
Lord Vader x2
Saber 1
Strike Planning x2
Taking them with us
The Emperors shield
There is good in him
Wedge Antilles Red Squadron leader
You must confront Vader
Young fool

D/S starter deck sealed
L/S starter deck sealed

Star Wars Reflections
Obi-wan Kenobi
2-1B x2
Anakin?s lightsaber
Bane Malar
Bigg?s Darklighter x2
Boba fetts blaster rifle
Brainiac x2
Cloud city: Downtown plaza
Commence primary ignition
Death Star Plan
Expand the empire
Mist Hunter x2
Obs 8
Slip Sliding Away
Superlaser x2
Tamtel Skreej x2
Uncontrollable Fury x2

Chewbacca of Kashyyyk (1999)
Early warning network
Endor occupation
Sergeant Barich
Tempest 1 x3 (2 1999 - 1 2000)
Were you looking for me
You rebel scum

Elite squadron stormtrooper foil

Special Edition
A real Hero
Bantha herd
Brangus Glee
Camie x3
Captain Bewil x2
Cloud city: Downtown plaza L/S x2
Commander Wedge Antilles
Coreillan engineering corps x2
Coporal Greenwick x2
Coruscant celebration x2
Counter surprise assault
Death star x3
Don?t tread on me
Grondorn Muse x2
Hunting Party
Iasa- the traitor of Jawa canyon
ISB Operations/ Empire?s x2
Joh Yowza x2
Kalit?s sandcrawler
Koensayr manufacturing
Lieutenant Tarn Mison x2
Life debt
Lobot d/s
Luke?s blaster pistol
Major Palo Torshan
Meditation x2
Outer rim scout
Rik D?nik hero of the Dune sea
RR?uruurrr x2
Sergeant Hollis
Sergeant Torent
Sergeant Narthax x3
Short ranges fighters
Star Destroyer!
Ur?Ru?r x3
Vader?s personal shuttle
Wittin?s sandcrawler

Jabba?s palace
8D8 x4
Aananaman x3
Ardon ?Vaper? Crell x2
Artoo x2
Attark x5
Aved Lunn
Beedo x3
Bib Fortuna
BJ-J38 x2
Blaster deflection
Dengar?s modified riot gun x4
Double laser cannon x5
Droopy McCool x2
Ephant Mon x5
EV-9D9 x4
Fozec x4
Gailid x3
Geezum x2
Ghoel x6
Giran x3
Heart x3
Hermi Odle x4
Hutt bounty x2
I must be allowed to speak x3
J?Quille x3
Jabba the Hutt x4
Jabba?s Sail Barge x4
Jabba?s sail barge: passenger deck x3
Jedi mind trick x2
Jess x4
Kalit x2
Kirdo III
Kiffex x2
Klaatu x5
Laudica x4
Life debt x2
Loja Nella x2
Luslmy Tacema x5
Malakili x2
Max rebo
Murttoc Yine x6
Nal Hutta x3
Nizuc Bek x2
Nysad x5
Oola x3
Ortugg x2
Palejo Reshad x5
Pote Snitkin x4
Pucunir Thryss x3
Princess Liea Organa x3
R?kik D?nec hero of the dune sea
Rayc Ryjerd x3
Rennek x3
Salacious crumb
Sergeant Doallyn x5
Scum & Villainy x4
Shasa Tiel x2
Strangle x4
Tanus Spijek x5
Tamtel Skreejx3
Taym Drem-garen x2
Tessek x3
Thul Fain x5
Thermal Detonator x3
Unfriendly fire x2
Vedain x3
Velken Tezeri x3
Vizam x4
Vul Tazaene x5
Witten x2
Wooof x3
Yoxgit x2

Cloud City

All my urchins x2
All too easy
Artoo, come back at once x3
Atmospheric Assault x3
Beldon?s eye x4
Bionic hand
Brief loss of control x4
Boba Fett x3
Boba feet?s blaster rifle
Bright Hope x4
Captain Han Solo x3
Chief Retwin x2
Cloud city: Dining room x3
Courage of a Skywalker x2
Dark Approach x4
Despair x3
Dismantle on sight x3
E-3P0 x3
End this destructive conflict x4
Epic Duel x5
Frozen assets x4
Focused Attack x2
Force Field
Gamblers luck
Glancing blow
Haven x4
He?s all yours, Bounty hunter x2
Higher ground
Hopping mad
I am your father x2
I don?t need their scum, either x3
I had no choice x4
Impressive, most impressive x2
Into the ventilian shaft lefty x2
Interrogation Array x2
Lando Calrissian L/S x6
Lando Calrissian D/S
Leia of Alderaan
Lieutenant Sheckil x4
Lobot x3
Luke?s Blaster pistol x2
Mostly armless x3
Much anger in him
Obsidian 7 x4
Obsidian 8 x4
Off the edge
Old Pirates x2
Point Man x3
Protector x4
Princes Leia x2
Punch it x2
Release your anger x3
Rendezvous point on tatooine x2
Slave 1
Slip sliding away x3
Smoke screen x3
Surreptitious glance x2
The emperor?s prize x5
This is even better x4
This is still wrong x3
Uncontrolable fury x2
Vader?s bounty
Vader?s cape x3
We?ll find Han
We?re the bait x5
Wookie strangle
Why didn?t you tell me
Wookie strangle x3

Dagobah BB
4 Lom x2
Corrosive damage
Dengar?s blaster carbine x2
IG88 x2
IG-88?s nerual inhibitor
IG-88?s pulse rifle
Hiding in the garbage
Lando system? x2
Location, Location, Location
Mist Hunter
The professor
Through the force things you will see
Unexpected Interruption
We don?t need their scum
What?s thy bidding master
Yoda?s Gimer Stick
Zuckus?s snare rifle x3

Dagobah Unlimited
4 Loms concussion rifle
Avenger x2
Bombing run
Bossk mortar gun x2
Broken concentration
Captain Needa x2
Corrosive damage x2
Dagobah : Bog Clearing
Dengar x2
Decent into the dark x2
Dragonsnake x3
Egregious pilot error x2
Executor: Holothreatre x2
Field promotion
Hans tool kit
Hiding in the garbage x3
I have a bad feeling about this x2
IG-88 ? Pulse cannon x2
IG-2000 x2
Landing Claw
Lando system? x2
Light Maneuvers x2
Lost in space x3
Lukes backpack
Mist Hunter
Puishing one x2
Report to lord vader x2
Smugglers blues x4
Space slug x2
Son of Skywalker
The Professor x2
This is more like it
Tight squeeze
Through the force things you will see x2
Visage of the emperor
We can still out maneuver them x3
We don?t need there scum x3
What is thy bidding master x3
Yoda?s glimmer stick

Hoth BB
Artillery remote
General Veers
Wes Janson
Weapon malfunction

Hoth Unlimited
Artillery remote x2
Blizzard 2 x2
Captain Piett x2
Collapsing corridor x2
Dak Ralter
Debris Zone x2
General Carlist Rieekan x2
Hoth : Wampa cave
Image of the dark lord x2
Planet defender ion cannon x2
You will go to the Dagobah system
Wes Janson x2
Zev Senesca

New Hope BB
Attack run x5
Bowcaster x4
Brianiac x2
Cell 2187 x3
Chewbacca x6
Clak?Dor VII x5
Commence recharging x3
Corellia x2
Death Star: Trench x4
Dejarik hologameboard x2
Double Agent x7
Let the wookie win x3
Luke?s Cape x2
Magnetic suction tube l/s x4
Motti seeker x5
R2-D2 x6
Red 2 x3
Red 5
Sandcrawler: loading bay x2
SW-4 Ion cannon x5
Tantive IV x2
They?re on Dantooine x2
Tractor beam
Tzizvvt x4
Wookie roar x2
Wedge Antilles x2
You?re all clear kid x2

New Hope Unlimited
Attack Run x2
Conquest x2
Double agent
Magnetic Suction Tube
SW-4 Ion cannon
Trooper Davin Felth

Premier BB Rares
Han Solo
I have you now
Luke seeker
WED15-1662 ?Treadwell? droid

Premier Unlimited
5D6-RA-7 x2
Admiral Motti
Biggs Darklighter x2
Black 2 x2
C-3PO x2
Cantina brawl x2
Charming to the last x3
Darth Vader x2
Death star plans
Devastator x2
Djas Puhr x2
Dr. Evazan x3
Expand the empire
Han seeker
Han Solo x3
Han?s heavy blaster pistol
I find your lack of faith distrubing
Into the garbage chute flyboy x2
Fear will keep them in line x3
Full throttle x4
Garindian x2
General Tagge x5
Gift of the mentor
Grand Moff tarkin x2
Gold 1 x5
Gold 5
Jedi presence
Kal? Falnl C?ndros x3
Kessel run x2
Kitik Keed Kak
Krayt dragon howl x2
Lateral damage x4
Leesub Sirin
Leia Organa x2
Light repeating blaster rifle
Local trouble x3
Lone warrior x2
Look sir druids
Luke Skywalker
Luke seeker
Mantellian Savrip x4
Molator x2
Moment of Triumph x3
Move along
Myo x4
Never Yalnal x2
Noble scarifice
Obi-wans cape
Obi-wan Kenobi
On the edge
Organa?s ceremonial necklace x2
Our most desperate hour x2
Rebel planners x5
Red 3
Red Leader x2
Sandcrawler L/S x2
Skywalkers x2
Tactical Re-call x3
Tagge seeker x2
Tarkin seeker x3
Tatooine: Cantina l/s
Tatooine: Cantina d/s x3
Tatooine: Obi-wans hutt
Thank the maker x2
The circle is now complete
The force is strong with this one x3
Turbolaser battery x3
Utinni! l/s
Utinni! d/s
Vaders custom TIE
Vader?s Eye
Vader?s lightsaber
Warrior?s courage x3
WED 9-M1 Bantha droid x3
Yavin 4: Massassi war room x2
Your powers are weak old man x2

EJP Complete set Mara/saber etc. (still sealed)
Official tournament sealed deck (still sealed)
Darth Vader with lightsaber
Prisoner 2187 bb x2

My kind of scum x2
Stun blaster d/s x2
Jabba?s palace: Lower passages x2
Power of the hutt x2
Tatooine: Desert Heart
Hutt Influence x2
Racing Skiff d/s x2
Seeking an audience x2
Agents in the court x2
Stun blaster l/s x2
Jabba?s palace: Antechamber x2
Ounce Ta
Tatooine: Hutt trade route x2
Underworld contacts x2
Racing Skiff l/s x2
Lando with Vibro-Ax

Red leader/Gold leader sealed


I will trade for most Japanese Black boradered rares
No foils.

Oversized Aurra Sing AI (7x5)
Queen Amidala RON ai corcuscant x8


Most other AI cards
Lord Vader
Darth Vader BB
LSJK bb or foil
Emperor Palpatine bb or foil
Other URF or UR

Also interested in
Star wars -
Figures MOMC
Trading Cards


Will trade well for the stuff I need
Thanks for taking the time to look around,
I hope you have found something of interest
Regards Mark
Vice Admiral Wuher black gold team GAB

08-05-2003, 07:38 AM
To all of you that sent me a list of wants, please give me a few more days to go throught the lists. I have been busier at work than a pig in mud images/icons/wink.gif I'll get something to you all hopefully by the weekend.

08-06-2003, 10:52 PM
I have some Decipher, but nothing really rare or special like foils, I'm afraid. I wish they hadn't broken off with Decipher -- IMHO, the photographs were better and the game was too (it wasn't just about attacking people). Oh well, at least they're much less expensive now! Try to think on the bright side... images/icons/grin.gif

My main Decipher wish right now is to find some acutal bounty hunters in the Dagobah expansion sets. Every time I've gotten a Dagobah pack, the rare card is some Interrupt that has to do with Force training or some such. I also occasionally fantasize about someday finding a foil Zuckuss... but the Chicago Cubs will probably win the World Series first. images/icons/grin.gif

... the Findswoman

08-10-2003, 01:23 AM
I'm actually missing sets of the Reflections, Theed, Corsucant, and Endor. In Death Star II, I'm missing Intensify the Forward Batteries and Rise, My Young Friend....

Also, looking for sealed packs of the following series: Hoth Limited, Theed, Reflections II. I only need one of each though...PM if you can help at all.

Great lore on these cards.