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08-21-2002, 07:26 AM
Hi there.....

I have a question, i hope you all can help me with:

I have the following Topps Set:
Widevision Trilogy "The Complete Story".
- basic set 1-72
- chasecards 1-6
I also have:Widevision Trilogy "Special Edition".
The "Hobby"-version with the gold bordered cards.

The "Retail"-version from "Special Edition" has the same cardtitles as "The Complete story".
(The base-set as well as the chase-cards)

My Question:
Are these cards exactly the same or do they have the same pictures only with a gold border ?????
Can someone please send me a picture of the basic cards of the "special Edition"Retail"set ???


Hope you can help me...


08-22-2002, 09:09 AM
Found this picture on ebay:

First off, the SW Trilogy:SE Retail set was subtitled "The Complete Story", so those are one in the same. The gold bordered hobby set is completely different then the retail complete story set. Most of the Hobby set focuses on the ANH:SE, with only the last 12 cards dealing with ESB & ROTJ's SE. They shared promos, but that's really the only thing that they had in common. Each set is set up with 72 commons and 6 laser cut chase cards (all different, 1 per 9 packs), but the hobby edition also had two hologram chase cards (1of2, 2of2...1 per 18 packs). Topps went promo mad for these sets...including them in various Micro Machine toys and Kenner vehicles...at least they were marked with a yellow starburst sticker stating "includes promo inside", but it was extremely difficult to complet the set...G1 being the rarest of these cards. Promos: P1-P8, H1-H4, G1-G5. There was also 3 unnumbered promo cards available in Holland...these were exactly the same as 3 of the P#'d cards, except (of course) there's no number. A laser cut promo (#0 with Tie Fighter) was available from Galaxy Collector magazine (I think).

If you're feeling really surly, the Retail Set was also produced in Japanese...only the common cards are different (Japanese text on back, front is still in English).

StarWarsCards.Net Checklist Links:
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08-22-2002, 02:46 PM
A trading friend of mine in the UK has this SW card image site (http://www.adukes.demon.co.uk/swtwv.htm) that shows all the chase cards and promos. He has most images for most sets...a fantastic reference site.