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04-14-2002, 05:09 PM
For those out there who collect cards from the trading card games (Decipher & Wizards), how do you store your cards?

I saw the card protectors at Kmart (where I found the AOTC card game) that I guess would normally be used for baseball cards. Nine cards per sheet and maybe 12 or 24 sheets in a pack. Would these work for SW cards? And what kind of binder would you put them in?

04-14-2002, 07:35 PM
Hey Schtoiker,

As there are different types of cards (common, uncommon and rare), you should store them differently. For the common and uncommon, I use the card pages (like the ones you refer to in your post). For the rare cards - I use individual plastic card holders. Good luck in your new hobby.

04-15-2002, 07:33 AM
The nine-card sheets work great. Make sure that you buy ones that say "archival" or "acid-free" on the box - which most of them probably do these days. Non-archival ones can turn yellow and brittle in time, and could, in theory, damage your cards.

Put them in any three-ring binder you like! I like the Star Wars zipper binders Mead put out a few years ago, but I they're not easy to find anymore.


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04-22-2002, 03:04 PM
Yeh i just use the nine card sheets and put them in by number sort of like the sticker albums from topps that way its easy to keep track of the cards you have and which ones you need, i also keep the nine card sheets in a normal A4 ring binder which works fine.

But if you collect the original star wars TCG from decipher u wont be able to sort them by number but alternatively you could download the card list off their site and sort them as theyre listed on their card list.
OK hope ive been a help. images/icons/smile.gif

04-30-2002, 04:44 AM
9 card sheets for rares or uncommons that i'm shortchanged on. the Rest in shoe boxes, card boxes they came in or any other box where they dont slide around, or otherwise get damaged in.

05-01-2002, 02:28 AM