View Full Version : Star Wars cards, CHEAP!!!

01-14-2002, 04:27 AM
Hey guys, I have some Star Wars cards here.
These have been owned by me since the day I opened them. Sorry no gum, I chewed it all images/icons/smile.gif
All are NM-M
You make me an offer I can't refuse and they are all yours.
I will also consider trades for vintage Kenner toys, as i'm clearing out everything else to make room for my Kenner stuff.
I am not sure exactly how many there are...
I know I have this for sure -

13 SW cards 2 stickers 2 wrappers (series 4, green)
12 ESB cards 1 sticker 1 wrapper (series 2 blue)
107 ROTJ cards 16 stickers 17 wrappers (series 1 and 2, red and blue)
SW galaxy complete set (series 1) 3 etched foil chase cards
SW galaxy complete set, missing 2 cards (series 2) 1 etched foil chase card
SW galaxy (series 3) 39 cards including 6 first day foils, and 4 lucasarts foils, 2 etched foil chase cards, and one clearchrome chase card
1 SW widevision promo card
1 SW widevision special edition promo card
1 ESB widevision promo card
6 ROTJ widevision cards

I know there is another box somewhere that has all the duplicates of some of the series 1 and 2 SW galaxy cards.
If interested I will go dig it up and see how many there are.

http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/0NgC1Qt8THxqEm2c7xg2FxmPhq4xWTvtERyWNQAh0cXGVKrGBC 7VcabBO*VFuXXasUfL*Rfy!wumAIUWJgwiTBQ/swcards.JPG

E-mail me with an offer now, cuz I wont have these long! images/icons/cool.gif