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09-06-2002, 10:05 AM
Can someone tell me why Obi-Wan and Yoda disappeared when they died but Qui-Gon did not? I understand why Vader didn't (at least I thought I did). But then he wound up with Obi-Wan and Yoda anyway. Any insight?

09-06-2002, 10:14 AM
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09-06-2002, 11:38 AM
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No one knows yet, can't wait for Ep3.
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09-07-2002, 05:23 AM
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I think it has something to do with it not being his time to die, because with yoda and obi wan they knew they were about to die, so they could disappear, but with qui gon, he didnt know he would die, so he didnt disappear....


09-08-2002, 10:48 AM
*Qui-Gonn was not prepared 4 his destiny->surpise attack by Maul

*Obi Wan was, he lowered his defence himself

*Yoda was, his time had come

Pretty obvious and consistent I think images/icons/shocked.gif

09-09-2002, 04:05 AM
I don't think the Jedi know how to do it yet. In the novel of AOTC, During Anakin's murderous rampage, Yoda is shocked to hear Qui-Gon's voice from "beyond the grave". It states something to the effect that no-one has come back from the dead before, but Yoda was positive that he heard the voice. So somehow Qui-Gon was able to keep his identity after physical death. But that still doesn't answer why his body didn't disappear. We do not see any fallen Jedi in the Geonosis arena disappear, either.

So neither Qui-Gon's or Anakin's bodies disappear (I used to think Vader's life-support was keeping his body alive), but both are able to still contact the living in one form or another after death.

My guess is that Yoda and Obi-Wan have figured out how to de-materialize (like telekinesis, but on a quantum level), so they don't leave any genetic material to fall into the hands of the Sith. Upon de-materialization, the spirit is instantly intact in the force, no waiting for for some disturbance to "concentrate" it. The Force is everywhere and then so is Obi-Wan - "more powerful than you can possibly imagine", indeed. Vader seems surprised after he kills Obi-Wan, stepping on his cloak probably wondering what just happened. So Anakin probably never learned how to do it. Maybe Anakin's rage brought Qui-Gon back, and Luke's love brought back Anakin.

Yoda can do it so well, that HIS CLOTHES DISAPPEAR TOO. images/icons/shocked.gif That's why he's the master.

Make any sense, or does it sound silly? images/icons/confused.gif

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09-11-2002, 01:19 PM
All I know is the producerRick Mccullum said AOTC would finally give us the answer to that question. Well, I must of missed it because I still don't know the answer. If it's not answered in EP. 3 then it will remain one of life's mysteries

09-11-2002, 02:27 PM
I'm still wandering why Jar Jar hasan't dissapeared! images/icons/mad.gif

09-11-2002, 04:36 PM
I'm still wandering why Jar Jar hasan't dissapeared!<font size="2" face="arial">Hahahaha! images/icons/grin.gif

But seriously, I like Neo-242's explaination. I hope we get an answer in Ep.3. How many days left till that comes out, anyway? images/icons/wink.gif

09-11-2002, 06:04 PM
Originally posted by DarthMickeyMoose:
I'm still wandering why Jar Jar hasan't dissapeared! images/icons/mad.gif <font size="2" face="arial">Hoot! images/icons/grin.gif

09-13-2002, 01:31 AM
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09-13-2002, 10:12 AM
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09-22-2002, 12:48 AM
Qui-Gon was trained by Dooku, and he was at least a rebel, if not a budding dark Jedi himself.

Perhaps it is that that makes it so he didn't "disappear" when he died.

09-22-2002, 10:32 AM
And perhaps....he is Sifo Dyas, who died only 10 years ago.....

09-22-2002, 02:12 PM
I like Darth Eviscerous's explanation. I also wonder if the ability is somehow tied into Anakin's power and abilities, since we've seen Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin do it. Who knows? I do hope that III explains it.

09-22-2002, 11:05 PM
I was a little confused by that but hopefully it will be explained. Maybe in the special special edition it will explain

09-26-2002, 10:46 PM
JoshEEE, I'm with you -- Qui-Gon IS Sifo-Dyas!

10-09-2002, 02:08 PM
it could have something to do with Anakin.

When he was hurting he summoned. Qui-Gon. Also when he wanted ob-wan dead he disappeared.

Of course that still doen't explain yoda.

10-09-2002, 02:46 PM
I agree more with Darth Eviscerous's theory about the dissappearing Jedi. In his explanation I have come to wonder about this other great mistery: Yoda took his clothes with him, but Obi didn't. So why isn't Obi-Wan's spirit naked? images/icons/smile.gif images/icons/smile.gif

Anyway... I do hope we get an explanation on ep. 3. There is a lot to explain!

10-09-2002, 06:59 PM
Didn't someone post this before? Well either way, this is my theory. Qui Gon, and the Jedi in the Arena's bodies didn't vasnish because of one thing...they weren't ready to die. Obi Wan let Darth Vader strike him down. He knew it was his time to die, and he let it happen. Same with Yoda, he knew his time was up and he allowed himself to die. Qui on the other hand was not ready, it instantly happened out of no where catching him off guard. He didn't see it coming. Same with the Jedi in the Arena, they were not ready to die and when they did there bodies did not vanish. As for Anakin, I beleive he vanished. We're not totally sure if he does though since it cuts to Lukes face after he passes on. And I don't know about you, but I doubt Anakin's body was still in that armor. All in all, I believe that when a Jedi knows and allows himself to die, their body vanishes. But when they are not, their body does not vanish it just remains there.

10-09-2002, 08:19 PM
I think that when I Jedi 'vanishes' they are giving themself to the force and physically dying at the same time.

-Obi-Wan 'vanished' when Luke was near, thats why he smiled, because he had brought Luke to his(obi wans) death making it Luke's ambition to destroy Darth Vader
-Yoda 'vanished' when he had completed Luke's training and he was all set to face Vader and the Emperor

But when a Jedi Dies when they dont know it (Qui-Gon and all those jedi at the arena) they just lay there like anyone else and they die.

Darth Vader was a different case, he died, giving himself to the force but he didnt vanish because he was not a jedi, he was a sith. Because he had redeemed himself, killing the emperor, he was able to become spirit form. I think the spirit form is another one of lucas' many many similarities to the way we look at life, its simply going to heaven.

10-10-2002, 06:19 AM
I think it has to do with giving yourself to the force and peacefully accepting your fate.

Another angle might be evolution vs. religion. Yoda and Obi-wan strongly believed in the force's spiritually were as Qui-Gon believed it was all about biology and medichlorians.

10-10-2002, 10:46 PM
Well, I think I remember reading on the official website (on one of those Jedi Council questions) that Vader's body was not in the armor (his body also dissappeared).

10-12-2002, 07:29 PM
Had Qui-gon just vanished, Then he would not have been able to have that emotional death scene that brought tears to many a theater going fanboy's eye
. George thinks in a grand scale, right down to the emotional reaction. Don't listen to me, I'm wrong. images/icons/wink.gif

10-12-2002, 07:34 PM
Naked 70 year old jedi master.Hmmmm. Why am I not projectile vomiting all over the keys as I type this?

10-16-2002, 03:56 AM
I'm haveing to agree with Yoda skillz and micsn peep before him,the jedi were ready to go they had another purpose,and it didnt include living,and Anikin (his Jedi name)also disappeared cause his job was done as well.and I believe that ryno fett said Anikin was a sith,I dont believe he was at the time of demise,he told Luke to tell his sister he was right,meaning their was still good in him.Windu and yoda are the only two Jedi to truely reach master status,to reach master status one must understand the force to its fullest meaning to go to the darkside and return,then you are a true master,hence yoda weilding the sith trait of lightning.So its my understanding that Luke was able to pull his father back to reality and the Jedi order,giving Anikin the ability to vaporize and be one of the Jedi spirits at the end of ROTJ.

10-17-2002, 02:13 AM
Hi, Guys. Here's my 2 cents...

I sort of came up with my own answer a while back, while watching other movies, ironically...

Toward the end of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", where Li Mu Bai tells Shu Len he has only one breath left, and she tells him to "do as he was taught, to meditate and "free" himself from this world". I thought this was a good analogy for the Jedi's dematerialization when they die: the ones who have the opportunity to "let themselves go" can do this (Obi-Wan, and to a similar extent, Yoda and Vader), while the ones who were unprepared, i.e. Qui-Gon and some of the Jedi casualties on Genosis, eventually "find their way" to the living Force after being guided to some sort of "closure" if you will, similar to Bruce Willis in "The Sixth Sense". My theory being that eventually all Jedi become one with the Force...

Does this sound plausible to anyone? images/icons/rolleyes.gif

Just my thoughts. images/icons/smile.gif

10-17-2002, 06:20 AM
Dude by far the best I've heard,I think all questions answered their.
Good job bro,I will believe in that and when an unknowledged person asks me "well whats this disapearing thing"I seriously will tell them just that.Your awesome

10-17-2002, 09:04 PM
It seems like not even Yoda knew about this "trick". He was surprised to hear Qui-Gon's voice in AOTC. Yoda must have figured it out after this. The question remains, though: if Qui-Gon didn't dissapear, how can Yoda (and according to the novel, also Anakin) hear Qui-Gon's voice?

11-01-2002, 10:51 PM
I'm now of the opinion that Qui-Gon was in league with Dooku. Neither were sith of course but not fighting for the jedi away either. Something about how DOoku said "Qui-GOn would have seen things my way" seems to be saying more that we could guess.

Yoda suprised by what he sensed Anakin was doing not that he heard Qui-Gon.

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11-11-2002, 01:19 AM
.Windu and yoda are the only two Jedi to truely reach master status,to reach master status one must understand the force to its fullest meaning to go to the darkside and return,then you are a true master<font size="2" face="arial">*Jimsidious, would you also say that Luke eventually reached the same level of performance that Yoda and Windu were at, in being "one with the force", and at the same time having the experience of walking on the light + dark side of the force ?????
There is alot to be expained on what happened between ESB and ROTJ.. as Luke matured

11-12-2002, 12:50 AM
But I do not think, Evil C3PO, that Yoda (or any other jedi) knew about the "trick" of being able to keep consciousness after death.