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04-07-2004, 08:50 AM
Over the past few days i have begun to sell off my newer collection from 95 through Saga.
Only collecting vintage now

Have been selling off tons of this stuff to fellow scummers..Thanks!
I will be posting more stuff all week. all the figs i have were the best example i could find .I was not a opener so if you need perfect carded this list is for you

Set of 4 complete galaxy figures in gem mint boxes $28 plus shipping

Dagobah with Yoda
Death Star with Darth Vader
Endor with Ewok
Tatooine with Luke Skywalker

POTF2 Gunner station figs MOC $14 plus shipping

POTF2 Deluxe line
All 7 MOC $5 each plus shipping

Boba Fett w/ Firing Missile launcher
Han Solo w/ Smuggler's Flight Pack
Hoth Rebel Soldier w/ Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon
Luke Skywalker w/ Desert Sport Skiff
Probe Droid
Snowtrooper w/ E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
Stormtrooper (Crowd Control)

Beast Pack POTF2 $20 plus shipping ($5 each)
Dewback and sandtrooper(SOLD)
Jabba and Han
Jawa and Ronto
Luke with Taun Taun (SOLD)

Epic force figures set of 6 $35 plus shipping

Boba (SOLD)
Vader (SOLD)

Luke and Leia speeder bikes figures MIB 3 3/4 $12 plus shipping for the pair ($6 each)

2 of the 3 max rebo pairs (not Max) MOC
$12 plus shipping for the pair (SOLD)

Ep 1 ships and Beast packs (Royal starship is sold)

PM for a list

Freeze frame mail away viewer still in box unused $15 plus shipping

Anything else you may need send me a PM i have alot of 12"
Also anyone need a complete run of the Saga figures with the background card( first 16 i think)

Thanks for looking

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