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03-31-2004, 07:28 PM
I am looking to either sell as a lot only, unless you want one of the three "groups" (i.e., special/rare figure lot of 237 figures, group of complete figures with matched accessories of 411 figures, or group of mostly complete but unmatched accessories of 880 figures). Please feel free to make an offer for everything. All figures are from 1995-present (actually, the last SAGA figures are from late 2003 - Luke Throne Room), and this group actually represents all of my extras, as I am trying to put together a 100% complete set of all Hasbro/Kenner loose figures/vehicles/beasts/playsets, and I'm about 98-99% of the way there. I have purchased a ton of loose collections in the interim, and these 1500 figures and ships are the extras - as you will see from the list, there are some GREAT extras.

Thanks and let me know your offer (for the entire lot, I'm obviously looking for offers over $3000). Please keep in mind that it is going to cost me a couple hundred dollars to ship these to you. If you're a collector or a dealer (wanting to resell them), you will be able to make quite a profit off of a collection such as this.

List of Loose Star Wars Figures from 1995-present

237 “special figures” which consist of the following (please note that most, but not all are matched with their appropriate accessories – approximately 75% of these are matched up):

Red Astromech R2D2 from Queen Starship x 2
From POTF 2 AT-AT (exclusive figures): General Veers x 2, AT-AT Driver x 4
Wedge from Millenium Falcon case
Cantina Band 2 pack with Droopy x 2
Max Rebo Band Pair
Sy Snootles Band Pair x 2
Cantina Band Members (mail-away) x 5
B’momarr Monk (mail-away version) x 2
Luke and Darth Vader from escape Death Star Game
Extra Luke from Escape the Death Star Game x 2
Han Carbonite from Jabba’s Palace Diorama x 2
Expanded Universe Spacetrooper
Expanded Universe Luke
Expanded Universe Grand Admiral Thrawn
A-Wing Pilot x 4
Wampa from Luke/Wampa beast pack
Death Star Trooper x 2
Ishi Tibb x 6
Naboo Royal Guard x 3
Admiral Motti
Zuckuss x 3
Kabe and Muftak 2 pack – 2 sets
Luke and Han from Trash Compactor Saga Set (figures only)
Scanning Crew Member (figure only)
Luke with bone from Rancor set
Rworr (no crossbow, unless it is identical to Chewbacca POTF2 crossbow)
Red Clonetrooper x 6
White (but dirty paint scheme) Clonetrooper
Yellow Clonetrooper
Blue Clonetrooper
POTF2 Half Circle Boba Fett

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene– 2 sets
Extra Luke from this Cinema Scene
Cantina Alien Cinema Scene – 5 sets
Jabba’s Dancers Cinema Scene – 3 sets
Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene – 4 sets
Jabba’s Skiff Guards Cinema Scene – 2 sets
Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene – 1 set
Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene – 2 sets
Extra Skiff Guard from Cinema Scene
Extra Jabbas Dancer from Cinema Scene
Extra Rebel Pilot from Cinema Scene x 2
Watto’s Box Cinema Scene – 1 set
Extra Graxxol (large figure) from Wattos Box
Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene – 1 set

POTJ Luke with Bacta Tank x 2
POTJ Deluxe Darth Maul
POTJ Deluxe Amanaman
POTJ R2Q5 (black droid) x 4
POTJ Deluxe Boba Fett x 2
POTJ Mon Calamari Officer
POTJ K3P0 x 3
POTJ Obi-Wan Jedi Training Gear
POTJ Clean Biker Scout
POTJ Sandtrooper
POTJ Imperial Officer x 2
POTJ Gungan Warrior
POTJ Mas Amadea x 2
POTJ Plo Koon
POTJ Saesse Tinn x 3
POTJ Battle Droid with boomer (blue) damage
POTJ Queen Amidala Black Dress
POTJ Eeth Koth x 3
POTJ Bo Shek x 2
POTJ Corsucant Guard x 2
POTJ Darth Maul Sith Training
POTJ Teebo
POTJ Leia from 25th Anniversary 2pack (figure only)
POTJ Sebulba
POTJ Bespin Guard from Carbon Freezing Chamber

Captain Piett x 3
Darth Maul Trophy Assortment
Biggs Darklighter x 2
Deluxe Snowtrooper
Aunt Beru x 2
Mail-n Ghost Ben Kenobi
Classic Edition 4 pack Luke
Classic Edition 4 pack Han Solo (no gun)
Lak Sivrak x 4
Two-headed announcer from Ep 1 Jabba x 2
White and Yellow Astromech Droid (AOTC preview, I believe)
Saga Nikto Jedi x 3
Saga Shaak Ti x 4
Saga Plo Koon x 2
Saga Saesse Tinn x 2
R2B1 (no harness)
Aurra Sing x 2
Ewoks: Wicket and Logray
Saga Kit Fisto x 4
Saga Darth Vader Bespin Duel
Expanded Universe Speeder Pilot
Adult Anakin Flashback x 4
Deluxe Clone Trooper with speeder bike (no mines) x 2
Luminara Unduli x 2
Saga Anakin hangar Duel
Clone Wrs Anakin
Clone Wars Yoda
Saga Luke Emperor’s Throne Room Duel
Preview Stap and Battle Droid


Tatooine Skiff
Darth maul with Sith Speeder x 4
Trade Federation Tank – Episode 1 version (tan battle droid)
Luke’s Taun-Taun x 4 (2 have Luke)
Glash Speeder
Millenium Falcon Carrying case (Wedge listed above)
Ronto x 3
Sebulba Podracer
Anakin Podracer
AOTC Jedi Starfighter
Jabba POTF2
Dewback x 2
Swoop x 4 (all with Swoop pilot)
Naboo Fighter
Battle Droid Invasion Force Vehicle x 2 (both with battle droid)
Opee with Qui-Gon
Kaadu and Jar-Jar
There is also a Hoth Battle and Endor Playset, which I believe to be complete, but cannot be 100% certain

Complete Figures, not listed above, with weapons/accessories matched with figures – 411 figures

This includes, but is not limited to, Stormtroopers, Hans, Lukes, Vaders, Leias, Obi-Wans (classic trilogy and Ep 1), lots of battle droids, Naboo Security Guards, Anakins, Saga figures, POTJ, POTF2, Episode I, Flashback, Commtech, etc.

Figures which are not matched up with their weapons/accessories – 880 figures

This includes SAGA figures, POTF2 figures (including Beru, Ree-Yees, etc), Episode I, Commtech, etc. I would approximate that between two-thirds and three-fourths of these figures are complete – there are a LOT of weapons/accessories, including a LOT of lightsabers.

Thus, not including beasts and vehicles, there are approximately 1500 figures (actually, there are a few more than that – should be between 1525-1550) total figures.

Please email me directly at rwolf55@hotmail.com and please do not ask me to split this lot up in any way other than I described above. I'm trying to sell as a group. Thanks again.