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Loose is fine, unless otherwise noted:

EU Figures (MOMC ONLY)

__ Darktrooper
__ Spacetrooper
__ Grand Admiral Thrawn
__ Mara Jade
__ Princess Leia Organa (Dark Empire Comics)
__ Clone Emperor
__ Luke (Dark Empire Comics)

Basic Figures (Loose is fine)
__ Admiral Ackbar
__ Admiral Motti
__ Aunt Beru
__ Captain Piett
__ Death Star Droid
__ Ewoks (Wicket & Logray)
__ Gamorrean Guard (x2)
__ Han Solo (Endor Gear)
__ Jawa with GONK Droid
__ Jawas
__ Pote Snitkin
__ R2-D2 with launching lightsaber
__ R2-D2 with Princess Leia Hologram
__ Ugnaughts
__ Zuckuss

Cinema Scenes
__ Rebel Pilots [Wedge Antilles, Ten Nunb, Arvel Crynyd]

Creature Sets
__ Bantha (with Tusken Raider)

__ Endor playset
__ Hoth Ambush playset

Carded Figures
__ Captain Tarpals
__ Darth Sidious (Holograph)
__ Naboo Royal Guard
__ Naboo Royal Security
__ Sio Bibble
__ TC-14

Cinema Scenes
__ Watto's Box [Watto, Graxol Kelvyyn, Shakka]

Action Figures 2000-2002
__ Coruscant Guard
__ Darth Vader (Dagobah)
__ Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
__ FX-7 (Medical Droid)
__ Gungan Warrior
__ IG-88 (Bounty hunter)
__ Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
__ Queen Amidala (Royal Decoy)
__ R4-M9 (With Mouse Droid)
__ Sabé (Queen's Decoy)
__ Scout Trooper (Imperial Patrol)
__ Sebulba (Boonta Eve Challenge)
__ Tusken Raider (Desert Sniper)

Deluxe Figures
__ Amanaman with Salacious Crumb
__ Darth Maul with Sith Attack Droid
__ Princess Leia with Sail Barge Cannon

Special Or Exclusive Figures
__ Boba Fett (300th Figure Special Edition)

Basic Figures - 2002
02-43 __ Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Attack)
02-57 __ Teebo

2004 Wave 5 - Star Destroyer
04-16 __ Admiral Ozzel
04-17 __ Dengar (Executor Meeting)
04-18 __ Bossk (Executor Meeting)

Ultra Figures
__ Jabba's Palace Court Denizens

__ Jedi Detention Device from Jedi Warriors 4-Pack

Exclusives (MOMC ONLY)
__ Clone Trooper (Toys R Us 2004 Exclusive)
__ Commander Jorg Sacul (2002 Celebration 2 Exclusive)
__ Darth Vader (2002 New York Toy Fair and Fan Club Exclusive)

Screen Scenes
__ Death Star Trash Compactor (Luke Skywalker and Han Solo)
__ Death Star Trash Compactor (Princess Leia and Chewbacca)




Captain Antilies (x2)
Jan Dodonna
Holo Luke


SA Clone
Unleashed Hoth Luke
POTF2 Lando Skiff
Loose POTF2 Jabba and Han


Lego Gungan Patrol (in orig. box)
Sesame Street Kubricks (in orig. box)
Simpsons WOS Environments: DMV, Cafeteria


PM here or e-mail stevealtiere@aol.com

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I also have a Sio Bibble on a perfect card

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