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03-09-2004, 03:52 AM
Here's the list!! Photos available upon request!!

Star Wars Figures - On card :

POTF : $5 Each
leia jabba prisoner
Luke stormtrooper disguise
hoth luke
vader w/ interrogator droid
emperor palpatine
4 lom
ceremonial luke
greedo comtech
han comtech
luke w/ t16 model
leia 2 pack collections - luke/leia, and han/leia
bespin han
endor han
bespin han FF
ewok leia ff

POTJ : $5 Each
queen amidala
r2q5 - ON HOLD
rebel trooper
imperial officer - ON HOLD
mon cal officer
obi jedi training gear

NEW -EP 1 and 2 : $5 Each
Padme arena escape
dooku dark lord
anakin outland peasant
r2d2 coruscant security
anakin hanger duel
battle droid arena battle
jar jar gungan senator
typho head o security
3p0 protocal droid detachable parts
obi coruscant chase
super battle droid
clone trooper red
royal guard coruscant security
darth maul w/ sith attack droid
Leia w/ sail barge cannon
Luke w/ bacta tank

LOOSE (Each Figure has all gear) :
Sebulba podracer $10
anakin podracer $10
tauntaun with luke hoth $8 - ON HOLD
tauntaun with han hoth $8 - ON HOLD
snowtrooper with hoth tripod cannon $10
maul and speeder $6
wampa with hoth luke $8 - ON HOLD
tatooine stormtrooper $3
sandtrooper $3
rebel pilot $3 - ON HOLD
battle droid $3
han solo $3
emperor palpatine $3
ghost of obi want classic mail away frito lay $20
4lom $3 - ON HOLD
endor leia $3
jabba slave leia $3
tarkin lighter hair $3
carbonite han $3
skiff guard lando $3
general calrissian x3 $3 each
maul robe $1
various weapons (various stuff - ask)
boba fett deluxe fig $10
stormtrooper deluxe $10

12 inches :
Queen amidala 99 portrait ed $20
leia ceremonial 99 portrait ed $25
SW masterpeice AURRA SING $100
POTF sith lord maul/vader two pack $40
bossk POTJ $15
chewbacca hard fur box wear $20
endor han $15
slave leia $15
ig88 POTJ $15
4lom POTJ $15
capt tarpals and kaadu $25
luke hoth and wampa $20
emperor and guard $20

LOOSE 12" (all have all gear)
Masterworks threepio w/box $50
masterworks vader w/box $60
chewie w/ cargo net $15
r5d4 $15
r2d2 $15 ON HOLD
wampa $15
tatooine luke $15
hoth han $15
jawa $15
pit droid brown $5
pit droid white $5
watto $5
taun taun $15
hoth leia $15
tatooine r2d2 w/lights $20
r2 droid green trim $10
wicket $5 ON HOLD
yoda classic $25
anakin ep 1 $5
amidala ceremony $15
padma bodyguard $15
furry chewie $40
amidala senate $15
stormtrooper $15
xwing wedge $15 ON HOLD
tarkin $15 ON HOLD
xwing biggs $15 ON HOLD
greedo $15
sandtrooper white shoulder $15
lando $15
boba fett $25
leia as boush $25
remove helmet vader $15
anakin classic $15
atat driver $15
snowtrooper $15
walrus man $15
bith band members RARE!! 6 - all different $100 all six OR $20 each
qui gon tatooine disguise $15
princess leia (missing one boot) $10
battle droid 1st release $15
darth maul $15
obi classic shimery hair $15
tatooine 3po lights voice $25
mace windu 1st release $15
jar jar $10
xwing luke $15
ROTJ luke dark brn hair w/ cape $30 ON HOLD
ROTJ luke light hair no cape drk vest $15
han solo 1st release $15
dagobah luke $15
admiral ackbar $15
darth vader 1st release $15
bib fortuna $25 ON HOLD
hoth luke $15
obi ep 1 $15
yavin luke $15
tatooine luke $15
bespin han $15
obi trainer remote $15
emp royale guard x2 $15 each - ON HOLD
emp palpatine $15
luke in stormtrooper suit $15
han carbo block $20
tusken raider $25
tie pilot $15
luke 1st release $15
battle droid commander $15
qui gon jinn $15

Star Wars Fast food cup toppers - full set $50 all or $5 each (Cups and straws Incl.)
Freeze Frame viewer - lights up looks like hoth macrobinoculars $30
Luke’s RotJ lightsaber remote tv control MIB!! RARE!! $100
Battle droid binoculars working camera $15
SW quiz whiz unit with three books classic trilogy WORKS RARE!! $100
vader statue masterworks $5
3po statue masterworks $5
vader/stormtrooper head walkie talkies Not tested $10
far too many fast food toys to list here Ask - will part out or sell in sets….
other misc items ask
misc bendies Ask

escape from the death star playset $25
detentionc block playset $25
Hoth sheild generator playset $25
t16 skyhopper $25
a-wing ship w pilot $25
imperial tie fighter $10
darth vader tie simulator with vader fig $10
bespin pod fighter with pilot $20
prototype snowspeeder with pilot $20
imperial interceptor ship RARE w/fixed pilot $45

Thanks for looking!! The list will be udated every couple of days or so as I find more stuff......


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03-09-2004, 04:24 AM
Two comments I hope are helpful--

1.) The Hoth Han and Taun Taun are kinda rare so they are worth more than 8 dollars even loose.

2.) The following prices--
escape from the death star playset $40
detentionc block playset $40
Hoth sheild generator playset $40
Im not sure where you got them from, but they are very inflated. Those sets go for about 10 bucks average around here. Hope that helps.

03-09-2004, 07:22 AM
Douglas Mcc

Thanks for the tips....

Prices can be adjusted, or negotiated....

I am strictly interested in blowing this stuff out - hence the odd pricing on some of the items - matter of fact, I would prefer one lump sum for the lot......

If anyone is interested, I would off load the entire collection - minus anything on hold or sold - for $2000..... : )

Thanks again, I'll adjust those down a bit...


03-09-2004, 08:21 AM
PM sent!

03-09-2004, 11:28 AM
Is the protype snowspeeder with pilot still for sale ?

03-09-2004, 10:44 PM
Codemaker: Yes it is! Email me if you want it to I can put it on hold for ya....



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03-13-2004, 11:41 AM
Bump for update....

03-17-2004, 04:21 AM
I'd be interested in this: imperial tie fighter $10, how much would be it shipped to Romania?Thanks. You have PM

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03-17-2004, 06:20 AM
interested in 12" luke/wampa, float me an email please?

03-17-2004, 08:45 AM
Can u send me a photo of the snowspeeder?