View Full Version : POTF2 1st series Vader test shot FS

02-25-2004, 05:39 AM
POTF2 1st series Vader test shot FS. Matt black body and head (production has gloss helmet and chest) arms are molded in off white but have been sprayed black in the factory (obviously for presentation). I bought this from a good source in a set (the others included Classic edition (vintage rerelease) test shot of han solo (for my own collection) and a spray test (silver and golds) POTF2 Luke also for sale). This is an interesting piece being non production colours under the black spray op.

Vader test shot 40 GBP
Luke spray test 25 GBP

or the two 60 GBP

Shipping is free anywhere, but extra insurance will be charged at cost.

photos on request.