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01-24-2004, 01:42 AM
Hi guys

I have a shed load of modern MOCs and other items to clear out.

I have every 'standard' POTF2 figure (exept TIE Pilot) MOC, SOTE, Flashbacks & Commtechs. Have all 10 Cinema scenes, + the 3 Ep1 sets.

A small selection of the 'cheaper' Ep1 figures. Eopie w/Qui Gon, and the other beast packs. Plus many other items to clear out.

Prices for the above figures are ;

POTF2 basics 4-8
Freeze Frames 6-20 depending on figure. Vader w/rem Helmet is 20, as is Zuckuss.
Flashbacks 5-20 also depending on figure.
SOTE 8 each
Commtechs 8-15
Ep1 3-6

I can offer all 6 POTF2 Bounty Hunters on green cards inc FF Zuckuss for 40 inc p&p.

p&p for 1-2 figs is 2.50, 3-4 3.00, and in 50p increments for every additional 2 figures.

Eopie w/Qui Gon 35 INC p&p Trilogo box

POTF Cinema scenes 8-20
Ep1 Cinema Scenes 8-15 - Watto's box is 15

p&p for cinema scenes is 4.00 1-3 , 6.00 for 4+

All items are in top condition, never opened or removed from boxes or cards.

Good offers for bulk purchases are always welcome.

Also adding a set of 62 x 2002 SAGA figs MOC.

Not including RED Battle Droid, but does have ;

Both bubble versions of Kit Fisto
Both sticker versions of Zam Wesell
Both Comlink colours for Han
Both versions of Rebel Soldier
Both fireball versions for Final Battle Jango

Also Text background version of Dexter and the 4 POTJ reissues.

I won't split these, but offering them all for 250 INC p&p.

OT and Episode 1 versions of the Trivial Pursuit board games.

Both been played, but are fully complete and in excellent condition.

55 for the OT and 30 for the Ep1 - 4 p&p for each.

Will take 75 for both inc p&p.

POTJ Bespin Chamber MIMSB - Still factory sealed in shrink wrap. Be the first to open it, or leave it as it is.

35 inc p&p

*** UK Buyers only please ***

But will consider Europe, p&p will be extra though.

If there's anything I haven't listed, let me know, I may have it.