View Full Version : PC Star Wars Galaxies Collector's Edition /w 2 BONUS Items

01-22-2004, 04:04 PM
Was going to post this to Ebay, but I figured I would try here first. I got an extra collector's edition as a present that I do not need. It has never been opened (still factory sealed). Read the text I was going to post to Ebay for details below:

"This auction is for the limited collector's edition of the hot new Star Wars MMORPG. Only a small number of these were produced. This version is almost impossible to find at retail now. It would make a great gift for any MMORPG and/or Star Wars fan. This game is still factory sealed. Many of the Galaxies auctions I have seen are offering used versions. This will not work as the person has probably already used the special code to activate the account. My factory sealed copy has never been opened. This means the 30 day free play time is still there. I am offering 2 free bonuses with the game. First bonus: Choice of 1 free game. You may choose ONE of the following four PC games as a free bonus: Impossible Creatures, LINKS 2003, Asheron's Call 2, or Planetside. All games are new and factory sealed (this is a 29.99 to 39.99 dollar value). Second bonus: a DVD copy of Star Wars: A New Hope free of charge. Please keep in mind this was purchased overseas. It appears to be a LaserDisc master on DVD. It is very good quality. Picture is widescreen- works on both PC's and DVD players that support recordable DVDs. Best part: This is the original movie, not the special edition version where Han shoots in self defense. Since Lucas says he will never release this version on DVD, it may be the only way to see it."

Was going to start the Ebay bidding at 49.99. I am willing to sell it here for 50 bucks plus actually shipping (its kind of heavy so my guess is the 6 to 8 range..). Might consider trading it for Star Wars collectibles if the offer is right.