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01-15-2004, 06:38 PM
All of My Items Are MIMB or MOMC Unless Noted. These are from My Personal Collection I have Collected over the past years. If interested Please PM or Email Me.
Thank You.

Hoth Snowtrooper W/E-Web Blaster-
( $7 )
Darth Vader Gunner Station ( $6 )
Or both for $12

Cinema Scene- Jabba's Dancers-$6

Electronic FX: All 4 for $16
Darth Vader-$4
Luke Jedi Knight-$4
Obi Wan Kenobi-$4
Emperor Palpatine-$7

POTJ: ( 4.00 each
Obi Wan Jedi Training
Obi Wan Cold Weather
Plo Koon
Han Solo DS Escape
Luke X-Wing
Queen Amidala Royal Decoy ( Black Dress )
Saesee Tiin
Shmi Skywalker
Tusken Raider- Desert Sniper
R2-D2 Naboo Escape
Rebel Fleet Trooper

Target Exclusive Deluxe: ( 11 each or $20 for both )

Hoth Survival W/ Hoth Rebel Trooper
and Sentinel Droid
Death Star Set W/ Death Star Trooper and Mouse Droid

SagaLot:) $54 for all 8
Holo Luke Skywalker
Coleman Trebor
*Luminara Unduli W/Removeable Cloak Print
*Han Solo Hoth Brown Coat
*Boba Fett Pit Of Carkoon -Green Jumpsuit
Clonetrooper Pilot
*Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel Bloody

*Deluxe Obi Wan Kamino Showdown-11-*PENDING

Green Card Comm Tech Chip:
Jawa W/Gonk Droid No Holes in Feet*-$13

Episode I: ( 2.25 each )
Adi Galia
Anakin Naboo
Anakin Tatooine
Darth Maul Tatooine
Darth Maul Jedi-Duel
Queen Amidala Coruscant
Ric Olie
Jar Jar Binks .00 Large Photo
Or all 9 for $18

MIMB Ep. I Ships and Accessories:
Queen's Naboo Royal Starship-$60
Anakin's Podracer-$5
STAP and Battle Droid Sneak Preview-$5
Or all 4 for $70

MIMB Ships and Beast Packs
EU airspeeder W/Pilot-$6

Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun-$5
Jabba and Han Solo-$5
Jawa and Ronto-$5
( or all 3 for $13.50 )

Luke and Speederbike-$5
Leia and Speederbike-$5
Biker Scout and Speederbike-$5
Swooptrooper and Swoopbike-$10
Or all 4 for $22

MIMB 12" ( 13 each )
Tusken Raider
Hoth Snowtrooper
Han Solo in Hoth Gear
Queen Amidala Red Senate Gown
Greedo JCPenney Exclusive
Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper W/Dianoga Tentacle

Saga 10" Vinyl Wal Mart Exclusive Darth Vader-$13

Palmtalker Boba Fett-$13

many , many , other Star Wars, if You do not see listed Please ask I may have.

Non Star Wars:
X-Men- ( 2.25 each )
Professor X-Grey Suit , Blue Tie

GI Joe:
Orange One man Sea Boat-Mint-$8
Mint Box
Joe Desert Jeep Mint Box Only-$3
Joe Motorcycle Mirage Mit Box, battle Damaged Bike-$7

Battle Of The Planets: $5 each
Mark and Princess

Starting Lineup 2 Pack- Clemens VS. Schillng-$5
1997 Martin Brodeur-$3
1997 Chris Osgood-$3

McFarlane's NFL :
Michael Vick 1st Rookie Piece Grass Stained White Jersey-$30

Please email if interested in any of the above.

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Do you have any marching Clone Troopers from the bootleg sets? If so how much?

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Sorry Jangofly I do not have any of those:)

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Lowered Prices and Added Some New Stuff images/icons/smile.gif

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interested in: r4-m9,r3-t7,k-3po. email me.