View Full Version : carded and boxed collection for sale

01-11-2004, 11:02 PM
Hello everyone. All items are in great condition. They come from a non-smoking environment and have not been displayed. There is quantity on numerous items. Quite a few of the vehicles are going to be pulled straight from the case. Prices are flexible. If there is anything else you're looking for please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking, Matt

Orange card:
-Chewbacca $7
-Stormtrooper $7
-Darth Vader(LS) $15
-Lando $7
-Han Solo $7
-Boba Fett(half circle on both hands) $20
-C3PO $6
-Luke Xwing pilot(LS) $15
-TIE Fighter Pilot $10
-Luke Jedi $9
-Yoda $9
-Han Carbonite(freeze or block) $6
-Tatooine Stormtrooper $15
-Death star gunner $9
-R5D4 $9
-Greedo $9
-Luke Stormtrooper $16
-Hammerhead $14
-Tusken Raider $15
-Luke Skywalker(LS) $20
-R2D2 $12
-Luke Dagobah(LS) $16
-Han Hoth $9

Shadows of the Empire:
-Leia, Chewbacca & Xizor $9ea
-Luke and Dash $11ea

Green card with Hologram:
-Snowtrooper, Ev9D9, ASP-7 droid, Han bespin $8ea
-Yak, Garindan, Royal guard, Leia(prisoner), Ponda baba, Tarkin, greedo and emperor $6ea
-Weequay, Death star gunner, sandtrooper, Luke(ceremonial) $7ea
-Rancor keeper, Nien nunb, bib fortuna, rebel fleet trooper, and Lando(skiff) $9ea
-Gamorrean guard, R5D4, Han(endor) $10ea
-Jawa $11

Green card without hologram:
-Boba Fett $16
-Tusken raider, hammerhead, 2-1B, han endor $10ea
-Luke stormtrooper, Luke hoth, hoth soldier $9ea
-Death star gunner, AT-ST driver $7ea
-Bossk $6

Expanded Universe:
-Kyle and Emperor $18ea
-Leia and Luke $17ea
-GA Thrawn and Imp. Sent. $15ea

Freeze Frame:
-Ree-Yees and Luke Bespin(.00) $20ea
-Death star trooper $12
-Death star droid, luke stormtrooper, prune face, chewbacca(prisoner), Mon mothma and Lobot $10ea
-Luke ceremonial, Han bespin, R2D2, Luke bespin(.01), Ugnaughts and Endor soldier(.00) $9ea
-Endor soldier(.01), Han carbonite and C3PO $7ea

-R2D2 $30
-Admiral Motti and Wuhrer $20ea
-Stormtrooper $12

-Emperor and Yoda $10ea
-Anakin, C3PO, Aunt beru, chewbacca, Darth vader, Obi-wan kenobi and Luke $9ea

-Bantha with Tusken raider $50
-Rancor with Jedi Luke $50
-Endor or Hoth playset $25ea

-Millennium Falcon $75
-AT-AT $85
-Xwing(orange box) $25
-TIE fighter $30
-Land speeder $10
-T-16 skyhopper $15
-A-wing(green box) $20
-Darth Vader's TIE fighter $25
-F/X X-wing $30
-Tatooine Skiff $40
-B-wing fighter $50
-TIE interceptor $50
-AT-ST w/ speeder bike $40