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01-02-2004, 01:29 AM
Hello all! I'm new to this forum, and was referred here by a member of the RPF, of which I am a long-standing member.

I'm looking to sell off my action figure collection to help finance my new house. Please see my other thread for Please see my other thread for 12" figures! (http://forums.rebelscum.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=19&t=006612#000000)

All figures listed below are $3.50 unless otherwise noted. All are Mint in M/NM Packages. Most packages have some signs of wear, as they were bought off-the-shelf, but all are in good condition. PM me for specific details. Buyer to pay shipping.

OC=Orange Card
GC=Green Card

Thanks for looking! images/icons/smile.gif


Luke Skywalker Tatooine - OC Long Saber ($10), OC Short Saber
Han Solo - OC, GC Holo
Chewbacca - OC, GC Holo
Darth Vader - OC Long Saber ($10), OC Short, GC Holo
Stormtrooper - OC, GC Holo
R2D2 - OC, GC Holo
Obi Wan - OC Short Saber x2, GC Holo
C3PO - OC x2, GC Holo
Leia - OC x2, GC Holo
Lando - OC, OC Tri-Logo
Luke X-Wing - OC Short Saber, GC Holo
Boba Fett - OC Half Circles ($25), GC Holo
Yoda - OC, GC, OC Tri-Logo
Luke Dagobah - OC Short saber/Long tray ($10)
Han Hoth - OC Open Hand ($5), OC Closed Hand, OC Tri-Logo
TIE Pilot - OC Printed Warning x3, GC Holo
Han Carbonite - OC "Freezing Chamber" ($5)
Luke Jedi - OC Tan Vest ($20), OC Dark Vest, GC Holo, OC Tri-Logo (w/ instructions)
Sandtrooper - GC Holo
Greedo - GC Holo, GC Tri-Logo
Death Star Gunner - GC Holo, GC Tri-Logo
Luke Stormtrooper - GC Holo
Tusken Raider - GC Holo
Hammerhead - GC Holo, Tri-Logo
Jawas - GC Holo x3
R5D4 - GC Holo, GC Tri-Logo
Bossk - GC Holo x2, GC Tri-Logo
Luke Hoth - GC Holo, Tri-Logo
2-1B Medic - GC Holo, Tri-Logo
ATST Driver - GC Holo, Tri-Logo
Hoth Rebel Soldier - GC Holo
Han Solo Endor - GC Holo
Lando Skiff - GC Holo
Emperor Palpatine - GC Holo
Bib Fortuna - GC Holo
Grand Moff Tarkin - GC Holo
Rebel Fleet Trooper - GC Holo
WeeQuay - GC Holo
ASP-7 Droid - GC Holo
Dengar - GC Holo
Ponda Baba - GC Holo
4-LOM - GC Holo
Garindan - GC Holo
Admiral Ackbar - GC Holo
Slave Leia - GC Holo
Han Bespin - GC Holo
Royal Guard - GC Holo
Snowtrooper - GC Holo
Nien Numb - GC Holo
Malakili - GC Holo
EV-9d9 - GC Holo
Rebel Fleet Trooper - GC Holo
Han Endor - GC Holo
Luke Cerimonial - GC
Darth Vader Removable Helmet - GC Freeze Frame $7.50
Biggs Darklighter - GC Freeze Frame
Captain Piett - GC Freeze Frame $7.50
Lak Sivrak - GC Freeze Frame

Luke Imperial Disguise
Chewbacca Bounty Hunter
Dash Rendar
Leia Boushh
Boba Fett vs. IG88 $7.50
Xizor vs. Darth Vader $7.50

Tatooine Stormtrooper $20
Greedo $15
Death Star Gunner $15
Luke Stormtrooper $20
Tusken Raider Closed Hand $15
Hammerhead $15
Jawas $15
R5D4 $15

Han Stormtrooper (Kelloggs) $10
Spirit of Obi Wan (Frito-Lay) $7.50
Cantina Band Member (Insider) $7.50
B'Omarr Monk (Website) $7.50

Probe Droid GC
Luke Desert Skiff
Han Smuggler Pack
Stormtrooper Crowd Control
Boba Fett Rocketpack
Snowtrooper Heavy Cannon
Hoth Rebel Soldier Laser Cannon

Darth Vader
Ben Kenobi

Purchase of the Droids $7.50
Final Jedi Dual $7.50

Han and Jabba $7.50
Jawa and Ronto $7.50
Sandtrooper and Dewback $7.50

Speeder Bike w/ Scout Trooper $7.50
Speeder Bike w/ Luke Endor $7.50
Speeder Bike w/ Leia Endor $7.50
Swoop Bike $7.50

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