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12-27-2003, 09:47 AM
willing to bend a little on prices

*note* all figures are mint unless noted

Power of The Force (orange cards)

Princess Leia x3
Luke jedi knight x2
yoda x2
Stormtrooper x3
Death Star Gunner
Tie Fighter Pilot x2
C-3PO x2
Lando x3
Boba fett
Han in carbonite x2
5 logo yoda (foreign)

$122 for all orange cards

Deluxe (orange cards)

Han Solo
Luke Skywalker

$12 for both

Power of The Force (green card)

Emperor Palpatine x2
Hoth Rebel Soldier x2
Snowtrooper x3
Greedo x2
Garindan (long snoot)
Leia in Boushh
Han in Endor Gear
Death star gunner x2
Luke in hoth gear x2
Grand Moff Tarkin
Luke in Stormtrooper x2
Tusken Raider x2
Rebel Fleet Trooper
2-1B Medic droid x2
Han in carbonite
Bespin Han
Bib Fortuna x2
Admiral Ackbar
Nien Nunb
Gamorrean Guard
At-St driver x2
Rancor keeper x2
ASP-7 droid x2
Leia in slave
jawas x2
R5-D4 x2
Lando skiff guard
Yak Face x2
Momaw Nadon
Ponda Baba
Emperor's royal guard
Weequay skiff guard
Luke jedi knight
Luke x-wing gear
Luke ceremonial outfit
Chewbacca with collector coin

$260 for all

Deluxe (green card)
Boba Fett
Hoth soldier

$20 for all

Power of The Froce (green card freeze frame)

Endore Rebel Soldier
Lando General's gear
Emperor's Royal Guard $8
Leia Celebration outfit
Gamorrean Guard
Ishi Tib
Zuckuss $12
Biggs Darklighter
Admiral Ackbar
Bespin Han
Lak Sivrak
Captain Piett $12

$75 for all

Power of The Froce (flashback photo)

Luke Skywalker
Leia Ceremonial Dress

$10 for both

Power of the force Princess Leia Collection

Leia and Wicket
Leia and R2-D2
Leia and Han
Leia and Luke
set of four $27

Shadows of the Empire

Prince Xizor vs Darth Vader

$20 for all

Power of the Froce (green card)

Electronic Power F/X
Darth Vader

$20 for both

Episode I (commtech chip)

Senator Palpatine
Ric Olie
Qui-Gon Jinn
Queen Amidala
Padme Naberrie

$12 all

1983 figures

Tri logo Chief Chirpa $15 almost mint (sold)
Tri logo Teebo $15 almost mint (sold)
Special collectors coin B-Wing Pilot $30 perfect (sold)

Mail away figures

Kellogg Han solo $7
Cantina Band member set Fan club only $50 set of six

12" figuers

Han Solo with Carbonite block
Emperor Palpatin and Royal Guard
Admiral Ackbar (light blue)
Luke Ceremonial
Han (dark blue)
Darth Vader (dark blue)

$105 for all

3 packs

Death Star escape opener coner on back ripped off $5
Final Jedi Duel $10
Purchase of the Droids $10

$25 for all three

Vehicles & Beast 2 packs

Ronto & Jawa
Jabba & Han
Dewback & Sandtrooper
Tauntaun & Luke little tiny nick in top left coner
Speeder Bike with Scout trooper x3
Expanded Universe speeder bike with pilot
Expanded Universe Cloud car with pilot
power racing speeder bike
Shadows of the Empire swoop bike w/swoop figure
Stap and battle droid
Opee & Qui-Gon jinn
Anakin with pod racer

$125 for all

******buyers pay shipping******


12-27-2003, 03:43 PM
Email and PM sent.

12-28-2003, 03:11 AM
do you sell them separately too, or just as lot?

12-29-2003, 12:11 PM
Greetings. I e-mailed you a while back asking for the Death Star Escape trio, shipped loose with the plastic base, asking if you could do this for $6 mailed first class. Not the most exciting offer when you're looking to make $100s from large lots, but the offer is still good. images/icons/smile.gif

Kind regards,

12-29-2003, 02:49 PM
I will sell out of lots I just posted the price for the lot because it was easier for me but yes I do not have to sell as a lot.

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01-02-2004, 07:54 PM
Hey, KitKatR.... I'm feeling ignored. Every saga has a beginning, every journey has a first step, and every sale has a first purchase. How 'bout that DS Escape CS?

01-02-2004, 09:22 PM