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12-18-2003, 11:57 AM
Please e-mail any committed purchase offers to me at ddesilva@ashland.edu.

Note: I only charge actual USPS costs (postage and whatever add-ons you specify). I've had a number of people send me to the PO for postal quotes, which as many of you know means packing everything up in advance, then pull out or, more commonly, simply vanish without the courtesy even of an explanation. I can't give that kind of time away anymore. So...

Most of you are sufficiently experienced to estimate in your minds what this will be, so as to make an informed decision about purchasing without sending me to the post office for estimates prior to deciding. I will pack and get prices for BUYERS, not INQUIRERS.

MBNA Chrome Vader $150 (shipping will not exceed $10 within the continental US) -- PENDING

Vintage Ships
Imperial Shuttle (complete and in great shape; electronics do not work; some yellowing on front left) $100 (or will trade for SAGA Shuttle MISB plus $15)

Vintage Figures

Vintage Tauntaun (closed belly), complete and in fabulous shape $20
C-3PO, excellent condition $8
Power Droid, excellent condition (sticker intact) $6
Ben (no cape, no saber) $3
Luke (no saber) $3

Vintage accessories
Bespin Luke Saber $2
Imperial blasters (black) x2 $2 each

Vintage Die-Cast Ships
TIE Fighters (2x) (wings have been glued on; one wing of one TIE was re-attached rather effectively with a nail) $5 each
Y-Wing Fighter (excellent shape; engines were glued in because they slipped in and out midflight too easily -- give me a break, I was a kid; no bomb) $10


Classic Trilogy Vehicles (POTF2 and EU)
POTF2 Landspeeder MIMB $10
POTF2 Speeder Bikes MIMB $8 each
w/ Luke
w/ Leia
w/ Imperial Biker Scout
POTF2 A-Wing MIMB $15
POTF2 Vader's TIE Fighter MIMB $15
POTF2 Power F/X X-Wing in open box $25
POTF2 X-Wing (orange box) MISB $25
POTF2 Snowspeeder MIMB $25
POTF2 TIE Fighter MIMB $25
POTF2 TIE Fighter MiopenB $18
POTF2 Y-Wing MIMB $60
POTF2 Millennium Falcon MIMB $60
EU Cloud Car MIMB $10
EU Airspeeder MIMB $10

SAGA Vehicles
Jedi Starfighter MISB (red variety) $10
Slave I MIMB $25

E1 Vehicles/Playsets
Trade Federation Droid Fighters MISB x2 $7 each
Flash Speeder MISB $10
Theed Generator Complex MIMB $20


12" Figures
Ultimate Jango Fett MISB $20
Ponda Baba MISB $8
CS AT-AT Driver MIMB $20
Hoth Luke MIMB $15
Hoth Han MIMB $15

Cinema Scenes and Beast Packs
Luke and Wampa MIverynearMB $35
Death Star Escape MIMB $20
Purchase of the Droids MISB $8
Mos Espa Encounter MIB (seal broken) $6


KB TIE Fighter Pilots x2 $6 each
Qui-Gon from Theed Hangar (sealed bag) $3
Battle Droid from Theed Hangar (still on plastic tray in sealed bag) $3
Qui-Gon from Theed Hanger (loose/complete) $2
Battle Droid from Theed Hangar (loose/complete) $2
Han from Millennium Falcon PC Game $10
Red R2 from Naboo Royal Starship (with power harness) $20 -- PENDING

Darktrooper MOnearMC (a small crush area on the top [not the face] of the bubble) $25
Spacetrooper MOMC $20
Dark Luke MOMC $12
Kyle Katarn MOMC $12
Sentinel MOMC $15
Thrawn MOMC $15

Cardbacks: Thrawn, Mara Jade, Spacetrooper $2 each
Cardbacks cut across the dotted line and opened: Thrawn x2 $.50 each

SAGA Figures (MOMC unless otherwise noted)
Wat Tambor $6

SAGA Figures Loose
Hoth Rebel Trooper x2 $4 each
R-3PO $4
Janus Greejatus $4
Trash Compactor Sets 1 and 2 with backgrounds and boxes, minus Dianoga $20 for pair
Interrogation and Mouse Droids from Death Star Accessory Set x2 $1 each
Destroyer Droids x2 $2.50 each
Super Battle Droids x2 $2.50 each
Geonosians with Massiffs x4 $3 each
Count Dooku (from Geonosian War Room 3-Pack) $4
Yoda (Jedi High Council) $2
Yoda (from DLX Yoda 2-pack) $3
Anakin Tatooine Ambush x2 $2.50 each
DLX Mace Windu with Battle Droid $5
Mace Windu Geonosian Arena $2
Kit Fisto $2
Obi-Wan Starfighter Pilot $2
loose Jedi cloaks from Arena Accessory Set x2 $1 each
Red Clone Trooper cannons x6 $.50 each
Clone Pilot Guns x2 $4 for the pair
Bespin Vader (prefer to keep breakable post, but negotiable) $2
Jango Fett Kamino Escape $2
Zam Wesell $2

POTJ figures -- carded
Bespin Guard $3
Rebel Fleet Trooper $6

POTJ figures -- loose
Obi-Wan Jedi Training Gear $5
Darth Maul (break apart) $4

POTF2 Figures -- CARDED

Escape the Death Star Game with 2 exclusive figures (Vader with removable dome and Trash Compactor Luke) MIMB $20

[Complete Galaxy]
Vader MIMB $12

[Cinema Scenes]
Death Star Escape MIMB $20
Purchase of the Droids MISB $8
loose backgrounds for most scenes (no bases) $1 each

[Deluxe, etc]
Crowd Control Stormtrooper $8
DLX Hoth Rebel with Cannon $8
Darth Vader Gunner Station (card not perfect, but not bad; bubble is in excellent condition) $8

[Green Card with Flashback pack-in]
FB Ben $5
FB Vader x2 $5

[Green Card with CommTech chip]
Admiral Motti $15
Jawa with Gonk Droid $8

[Green Card with Freeze Frame]
FF Darth Vader with Removable Helmet $10
FF Ishi Tibb $15
FF Leia Ewok Celebration $3
FF Mon Mothma $5
FF Bespin Han (bubble damage) $3
FF C-3PO $3
FF Lando General $3

[Green Card, no Freeze Frame]
Gamorrean Guard $5
Death Star Gunner $5
TIE Pilot $5
EV-9D9 $5
AT-ST Driver $4
Rebel Fleet Trooper $4
Jawas $4
4-LOM $4
Bossk $4
Han in Endor Gear $4
Hoth Luke $4
Bespin Han $4
Emperor Palpatine x2 $3

[Red/Orange Card]
RC Death Star Gunner $10
RC Stormtrooper x2 $6
RC Luke Jedi (some veining under J-hook) $10
RC Yoda (UK card) x2 $3 each

POTF2 loose figures
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet $8
B'Omarr Monk $8
Captain Piett $10
Emperor's Royal Guards x8 $3 each
Jabba's Skiff Guards $8 for the trio
FB Aunt Beru $4
FB Yoda with Boiling Pot (no FB photo) $4
FB R2-D2 launching lightsaber (no FB photo) $3
FB R2-D2 launching lightsaber (with FB photo) $4
FB C-3PO (with FB Photo) $3
FB Vader (no FB photo) $3
FB Luke (with FB photo) $3
Malakili $3
Han Hoth $3
Bespin Han $3
Han in Carbonite $2
Han (1st issue) $2
Han from Gunner Station $2
Luke from Gunner Station $2
EV-9D9 x2 $2 each
Vader 1st issue $2
FX Vader $3
FX R2-D2 $4
FX Emperor $4
R2-D2 (1st issue) $1
Boba Fett (SOTE 2-pack and POTF2) $3 each
Dengar $4
Stormtroopers x2 (first issue) $3 each
EU Speeder Bike with Pilot $3
POTF2 Speeder Bike with Endor Leia $3

Episode 1 Figures Carded $3 unless otherwise noted
**R2-B1** (some bubble damage) $15
Darth Maul Jedi Duel x2 (both face varieties)
Jar-Jar tri-logo
Jar-Jar US
Mace Windu
Darth Maul Tatooine x2
Qui-Gon (Naboo)
Anakin (Tatooine) x2
Destroyer Droid (1st issue) $5
Captain Tarpals
Obi-Wan jedi duel
Obi-Wan jedi knight
Ric Olie
Senator Palpatine
CS Mos Espa Encounter $5

Episode 1 Loose
Final Duel -- Obi-Wan and Splitting Maul (with base) $8
Red Twilek from Watto's Box $8 -- PENDING
Watto from Watto's Box $5
Darth Sidious Holograph $10
Obi-Wan with Gungan Scout Sub $10
Obi-Wan Jedi Knight (soft goods) $2
Gasgano $1
Darth Maul Sith Lord $3
Jar-Jar from CS Mos Espa Encounter $1
Yoda $2
Battle Droids -- 2 shot, 1 sliced $2 each
Anakin Pilot from Podracer $2
Sebulba Pilot from Podracer $2

Action Fleet MISB
Alpha Series AT-AT $10
Flight Controller: Luke's X-Wing $10

MicroMachines--classic trilogy 3-packs MOC $3 each
II Y-Wing/X-Wing/Vader's TIE set
III Landspeeder/Sandcrawler/Falcon set -- PENDING
IV AT-AT/Snowspeeder/Probot set -- PENDING

MM Die-Cast Millennium Falcon MOC $3

MicroMachines Episode 1 MOC $2 each -- all PENDING
Pod Racer Packs 2-4
mini set with Fambaa and Pod Racer

Die Cast
Droid Fighters (x5) $2 each
Trade Federation Control Ships (x2) $3 each
Gian Speeder $3

Empty Boxes (POTF2 and newer) $5 each unless otherwise noted
12" Boba Fett
Tatooine Skiff
AT-AT (no inserts)
Watto's Box $3
Carbon Freeze Chamber
12" Stormtrooper
12" Biggs and Wedge


ROTJ Comics (original set of four) $15 for set

Boxed CCG Introductory Set (with exclusive Luke and Vader cards) $6

POTJ ForceFiles galore Inquire. $.50 each

Freeze Frames (AT-AT Driver, DS Trooper, DS Droid, many more; just not the "rare" ones) $1 each

unmarked 1979 ANH and 1981 ESB Wall Calendars $8 each

unmarked 1979 Battlestar Galatica Wall Calendar $8

Celebration I T-Shirt (new) $5

Five Metallic Jedi Cards in Avon Collector's Tin (Luke, Anakin, Ben, Yoda, and "bonus" Wampa card) -- sealed $5

Darth Maul full head latex mask $5

Star Wars Rebellion video game (complete in box) $15

ESB trading cards -- red series and blue series $.25 per card; less in good quantities. Inquire about availability

Battlestar Galactica trading cards ditto

Taco Bell Cup Toppers -- Darth Maul, Padme, Anakin, Captain Tarpals, two more. $1 each

"Tales of the Golden Droid" hardcover book from C-3PO Masterpiece Edition $6

Thanks for looking!

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