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11-24-2003, 09:13 AM
Selling much of my collection of SW toys. Will be sending everything to Ebay if not sold here.

First on the list this week:

-Ep1 TC-14 *SOLD!
-Ep1 Amidala Battle w/ascension gun *SOLD!
-Ep1 Darth Sidious Holograph *SOLD!
-Ep1 Naboo Royal Guard $16
-POTF2 Luke/Wampa Beast (.00) $35
-POTF2 Yoda Buddy *SOLD!*
-POTF2 Vader's TIE fighter $21
-POTF2 Slave I (Shadows box) $28

Money orders/Cashier's checks accepted. Shipping extra ($4 per figure - save shipping costs for multiple items of course). Email me if interested in anything on the list. As mentioned, I'm selling off much of my toy collection. Email me with questions/inquiries. Thanks.

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