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11-08-2003, 05:22 PM
I have Carded Star Wars figures and Loose Transformers for sale. I have to sell some of my collection of Star Wars and Transformers to help pay for Christmas.

Star Wars
* Red Carded
Lando Calrissian $3
Luke Skywalker Long Saber $15
* Green Carded
AT-ST Driver Coll.2 x2 $6 each
Bib Fortuna Coll.2 $6
Dengar $3
Garindan $10
Grand Moff Tarkin Coll.3 $3
Lando Skiff Guard $3
Luke Stormtrooper Coll.2 $6
Luke X-Wing $6
R5-D4 $3
* Freeze Frames
Biggs Darklighter $10
Captain Piett-Blaster Rifle $10
Darth Vader-Rem Helmet $10
C-3PO $3
R2/D2 w/Holo Leia $20
*Episode 1
Battle Droid-Dirty .02 $3
Ody Mandrell $3
Obi-Wan Cold Weather .04 $3
*Cinema Scenes
Jabba the Hutt's Dancers $5
Purchase of the Droids .01 $5

Beachcomber $7 (Everything Excellent)
Cliffjumper-Red $15 (Stickers Excellent, arms loose, legs great)
Gears $7 (Everything Good)
Rumble $2 (Broken leg, loose)
Bluestreak with all weapons, tech spec $90 (Very tight joints, no stickers ever applied, slight scratches on roof, Excellent)
Mirage with 1 missle, gun, inst. sheet $60 (Very tight joints, no stickers ever applied, Excellent)Sale Pending
Mirage $30 (Tight joints, good stickers, no fins)
Red Alert with 2 missles, gun, launcher $40 (good joints, good stickers, slight paint wear)
Trailbreaker with fists $20 (Missing 1 tire, missing pin that attaches cab to truck, good joints, good stickers)
Instructions Sheets $8 each (prowlx2, slag, smokescreen, topspin, twin twistx2)
Tech Specs $2 each (Grimlock, Slag, Smokescreen, Starscream, Thundercracker)
Twin Twist Box $5 (Stands up great, Celo loose, edge/tape wear, decent)
Topspin Box $5 (Stands up great, tear in celo, edge wear, decent)

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bump again. I guess people are out looking for the new figs.

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