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11-07-2003, 02:42 PM

POTF2 MIB items: images/icons/smile.gif
-Vader's TIE $23
-Electronic Xwing F/X $43
-Slave I (green or purple box) $21
-orange box Xwing $18
-loose At-St vehicle $20

Vintage Items: images/icons/smile.gif
-POTF'85 Vader silver coin $19
-Loose Vader's TIE (worn hinges displays nice) $17
-loose At-St vehicles $20 each

MISC: images/icons/smile.gif
-Master Replicas Dooku saber W/CASE. Factory sealed and ready to ship. Never opened and brand new. $160

-Master Replicas ANH Vader saber. Displayed only and in perfect condition. Comes with everything EXCEPT the acrylic display case. $119

Shipping extra, and will be packed extremely well. Email me if interested - thanks.


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