View Full Version : FS: POTJ, EP1, Star Tours, Saga, more

11-02-2003, 07:40 PM
Prices do not include shipping. Prices are not set in stone, so if you see something you like, please make an offer (looking for HOTH STUFF & holiday yoda!!!)

I also have a huge collection of Prince and Tori Amos items that I am selling, so, let me know if you're interested.

FF Vader Rem. Helmet w/ Freeze Frame Complete $5
B'omarr Monk complete $6
Battle Droid with scout tank $4
Stap w/ Battle Droid $5
Clone Trooper w/ speeder bike $5
Clone Trooper red $3
POTF2 Stormtrooper x3 $3 each
Destroyer Droid x2 $3 each

MOMC (or otherwise noted)
EU Dark Empire Luke $12

$4 each (unless specified):
Flashback 3-P0
Flashback R2
Flashback Ben
Flashback Chewbacca Hoth
Flashback Beru (minor spider webbing on back of card)$3

Princess Leia Collection Han and Leia Bespin $5

FF Leia New Likeness
FF Vader Helmet Reveal - $7
FF Prune Face
FF R2 with Tools
FF Luke Stormtrooper (sticker on front is peeling of bubble, but is in fixable condition)
FF Luke Bespin
FF Yakface
FF Endor Rebel Soldier
FF Maliki
FF Death Star Droid $6
FF Pote Snitkin $8
FF Lak Sirvak
FF Vader $6
FF Leia Ewok Celebration
FF Obi Wan
FF Han Carbonite
FF Bespin Han
FF Hoth Leia - $6
FF Leia Ewok Celebration
FF Slave Leia

EP1 OOM-9 with Binoculars on Bubble, not in hand - $15
EP1 Darth Maul 1st issue $3
EP1 Darth Maul Tatooine$3
EP1 Ki Adi Mudi $3
EP1 Capt. Tarpals $3
EP1 Panaka $3
EP1 Adi Galia $3
EP1 Gasgano $3
EP1 Royal Guard
EP1 Rune Haako $3
EP1 Nut Gunray $3
EP1 Battle Droid Shot $3
EP1 Naboo Royal Security
EP1 Watto
EP1 Anakin with cloak and Comlink
EP1 Boss Nass

CT Greedo
CT Vader with Interrogation Droid

GC Fett
GC Royal Guard (minor crease on top-back of card) $3
GC Obi Wan
GC Han Bespin
GC Slave Leia
GC Luke Ceremonial

POTJ Coruscant Guard
POTJ Maul Sith Training

Saga Chewy Bespin $3
Saga Bloody Stump Luke $12
Saga Bespin Vader
Saga Taun We
Saga Clone Pilot $5

Star Tours
R3-D3 $9
G2-4T $9

12” MIB
EP1 Beautiful Braids Padme (minor dent in window)$12

12” Loose Complete
Barqin D’an $5
Chancellor Valorum $15

Video Games –Playstation/2
Star Wars Demolition $10
Star Wars Dark Forces $8