View Full Version : some toys/props for sale(and possibly trade)

09-28-2003, 03:31 PM
I feel really bad about this because I JUST got some of these, but it seems as if for some reason there is some bad ju-ju between me and Star Wars lately. Any project I begin to start I seem to hate, don't finish, or lose interest, so here's the beginnings:

1 RL Estate Blanket(correct material for a jwa cloak) and a simplicity Jawa pattern

episode 1 figure lot, 34 figures, all carded. Would love to get offers over $100.00; trades possible




Vintage Death Star Playset(make offers)

IF you're interested, please let me know. Really just looking for cash right now, but I would trade for the following items:

Ghostbusters building playset(must have doors) --loose
1989 ToyBiz Batcave playset--loose
Batman The Animated Series Wayne Manor(loose)
TNBA Batmobile(loose)
TNBA Gotham Bank playset(loose)

email me at Jawafive@aol.com
. Thanks!