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09-09-2003, 01:51 AM
$6.00 each + shipping.

All Cards are Non-Mint

Red Battle Droid - Arena Battle (x 2)
Darth Tyrannus - Geonosian Escape
Padme Amidala - Droid Factory Chase
Droid 2 Pack(SP-4 & JN-66)
Tusken Raider - Tatooine Camp Ambush
Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony
Boba Fett - The Pit Of Carkoon
R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight
Lamu Su with Clone Youth
Han Solo - Hoth Rescue - Blue Coat
Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt
Luke Skywalker - Throne Room Duel
Darth Vader -Throne Room Duel
Snowtrooper- The Battle Of Hoth
C-3PO - Tatooine Ambush

Please e-mail me if interested in any figures: CharWars@aol.com

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