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08-20-2003, 07:53 PM
hey everyone i have these carded figs that i am willing to trade for some loose figs......


commtech jawa with gonk droid
freeze frame princess leia organa ewok celebration(tri logo)
sote leia boushh(tri logo)
flashback luke skwalker(floopy hat)
count dooku(aotc)
potj battle droid boomer damage
obi wan coruscant(aotc)
nikto jedi knight(aotc)
geonasian warrior(aotc)
kit fisto(aotc)
luke skwalker bespin duel(aotc)
qui-gon jinn jedi master(aotc)
obi wan jedi starfighter pilot(aotc)
royal guard coruscant security(aotc)
jango fett slave i pilot(aotc)
red carded long saber luke
darth maul with speeder(3 3/4 inch)
deluxe darth maul with attack probe thingee
freeze frame leia hoth fan club
freeze frame snowtrooper
freeze frame stormtrooper
dash rendar's outrider boxed(sote)
luminara unduli(aotc)
teemto pagalies(aotc)
orn free taa(aotc)
3 action masters on card(vader,r2,luke)


loose silver r2
death star trooper's
r2 b1
holographic emperor(ep1)
naboo royal guard
naboo royal security
blue coruscant guards
royal guards (potf)
a wing pilot
imperial officer
at-st(loose) non-vintage
commtech stormies
silver boba fett
christmas special c3po-r2d2
ephont mon
ree-yees non-vintage
loose y wing non-vintage

email me at hoth2003@yahoo.ca for any questions,and references available upon request....

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08-20-2003, 08:42 PM
Ya might wanna post this in the TRADING SECTION.