View Full Version : Older POTF2 for sale

08-20-2003, 09:27 AM
recently unearthed some old POTF2 in my garage and would like to offer it
to anyone who needs it, $5 each. The list is as follows, all still MOC/MIB
and none are in poor condition (pics, descriptions will be available later tonight):

Flashback Aunt Beru $5
Flashback Emperor $5
Flashback Threepio $5
Freeze Frame Biggs Darklighter $5
Green Card Sandtrooper (95 sculpt) $5
Orange Card Sandtrooper (95 sculpt) $5
Orange Card Han Solo 'with carbonite freezing chamber' variation $5

Trilogo Stormtrooper (95 version, orange card) $8

Jabba's Dancers cinema scene (MISB) $8
Naboo Starfighter (MISB) $10
Theed Generator Playset (MISB) $15
Tauntaun with Luke (MISB) $10